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a Muslim horde invading Europe

Thanks for your outside perspective but I can assure you that unlike you most of us on the "front line" of this "invasion" of terrified refugees don't see this as the end of the world. We have a better life to offer them while they wait for the wind of terror to blow over their homes and I'll be damned if fascists that live 10,000km away tell me I'm being invaded. Don't you sweat it, Europe has faced far greater challenges in the past, these refugees are a godsend for some nations like Germany who desperately need workers.

Edit: their are a damned lot of things wrong in the world today, it's easy to feel powerless but you can do something. I just wanted to give you the perspective of a European, yours on that particular matter seems a little thwarted.


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You're not at all worried about their failure if not outright refusal to assimilate, and the fact that secular European culture will be diluted with scads of people who won't relinquish their cult but in fact are intent on spreading it around by sheer birth rate?

Those very same Belgian suicide permissions came about because of rejection of theocratic influence. If Muslims end up reaching critical mass in Europe's parliaments, a LOT of the secular laws the continent takes for granted now will go by the wayside, and the continent will be right back in a Dark Ages that this time, it may never come out of (just like the Middle East). It's bad enough we already have two Muslim congressmen in the U.S. at a time when the truly secular are trying to fight off the Christian busybodies and enter a new age of reason.

The younger generation has been taught to be much more accepting of Muslims than of Christians, and even more than atheists (witness the backlash against Bill Maher and even Ayaan Hirsi Ali among college students). I saw 4 people die and 400 people get their legs blown off in Boston because of what Muslim "refugees" did. 3,500 die in two adjacent New York skyscrapers and in the planes that 19 Muslims hijacked to destroy those buildings. The cartoonists behind one of my favorite television programs be threatened with death just for drawing a picture of the Muslim cult leader (not to mention the Jewish comedian whose show airs after theirs), in a repeat of what had already happened in Denmark and later France for the same reason (and almost in Texas because a brave woman dared show them that she wasn't going to be kowtowed into fear).

And around all of this I see nothing but blame from the people who should be protecting us Westerners, that we should be more "culturally sensitive" and not make offensive caricatures of the cult leader or wear the hijab as a Halloween costume. It's the left that actually scares me more than the Muslims, because the left is enabling them by smacking down their victims as "racists" who deserve punishment. Marxists want to destroy the West because they see it predicated upon a history of exploitation and oppression of the indigenous poor. Well, so was Rome, and Persia, and the empire of Genghis Khan... when exactly did Caesar have to pay reparations to Gaul? Oh, right. When the barbarians sacked Rome just like they're doing to Europe and the United States, and being enabled in their quest by the left-wing "populists" who would make us feel guilty about the benefits of what was admittedly a difficult road of conquest. But the left doesn't feel guilty about its reconquista or its role in enabling jihad. Neither do jihadists themselves, obviously. They see themselves as serving a "greater cause" -- Allah -- while the left does too, but their greater cause is nothing more than a peasants' revenge.

We in America are shaking our heads that you Europeans are so blind to this reality. We may use Mexicans for cheap labor too just like Siemens wants to do with the Syrians, but at least the Mexicans don't haul off and kill people for drawing Frito Bandito, or forbid their women from working because of some nonsense about modesty and submission in the holy book of lies. And it terrifies me. It really does. It's like everyone will wake up tomorrow and wonder what happened to the world we used to know.


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Listen I agree, the religion of Islam has been tarnished by decades of extremist scum who have killed tens of thousands. But these people are looking for a safe place while their respective countries are being torn apart, there is no risk of having our parliaments or anything else taken over because they are being granted asylum and not citizenship, asylum is not permanent and our leaders are making it so once the danger has cleared they go home! As we speak thousand of Kosovans are being sent home because Kosovo is no longer deemed hostile.

I mean is it really SJW to think that we should help these unfortunate people? I think it would be monstrous to close our borders, furthermore I believe calling this an invasion is nothing short of a conspiracy theory.


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Fuck you, anti-white cuck. You and your delusional SJW friends are part of the problem, even the main cause of the problem. Have fun seeing your loved ones raped and murdered by machete-wielding AllahuAkbarists.


[–] dragonsarefake 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

There are already nearly 2 million refugees in the EU and I've yet to see any violence let alone "machete-wielding AllahuAkbarists". And I have no Idea what makes me an anti-white or SJW, in fact the more I get called an SJW the more I find myself hating them because today you're either an SJW or a racist scumbag.