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Gofundme for his bail and lawyer?

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@antiliberalsociety do you know anybody who knows how to set up a GoFundMe

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How about the whole community use their 2nd amendment right outside the court.

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This is where rope is appropriate. Hang the librarians, the parents that drag their kids there, the fucking degenerate fags, the traitor cops, the judge and any other rat fuck wastes of space that condone this shit.

Any fucking cop that defends this shit richly deserves a bullet in the head. This is a line too far. Way too far.

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A man with an angular jaw and a dislike of degenerate pedophiles. Not a leftie.

That dude has most testosterone than a schoolbus full of millennials men.

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there is not statute "interrupting a drag queen show"

Perhaps breach of peace ?

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Doing the right thing is a misdemeanor in clown world

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Hey! HEY!!! This is library!

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The set face, the determination, the pride of the righteous.

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Here's the story

"Morgan was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, failure to obey a lawful order, resisting arrest, trespassing at a public agency."

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Yep, all the bullshit they throw at you when there are no real laws being violated. The mayor wanted him gone so the cops complied, and implicated themselves in a pedophiliac conspiracy.

Remember, blue boys: "I was just following orders" won't cut it when the trials start.

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Remember, blue boys: "I was just following orders" won't cut it when the trials start

That sounds really familiar....

Oh yeah, that's what the kikes said to the Nazis at the Nuremberg "trials", right before hanging them en masse.

[–] KILLtheRATS ago 

There won't be trials

[–] HiJoker ago 

We're well past justified armed response to this tyranny of evil. It's becoming shameful that we haven't waxed savagely violent over it.

Turn your guns in pussies, you don't need them, you've missed the righteous call and need to use them. Shame. Shame. Shame.

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That dad even looks like a Chad. Based Chad Dad

[–] DeadLisa ago 

If he didn't have those red eyes he'd be handsome.