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All true. And for a few of us it really is about nationalism, specifically white nationalism. Nothing but love, love of one's country, people, and culture.

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14 words

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Hulk Hogan!

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88 precepts

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All REDDIT Refugees are WELCOME at https://voat.co/v/GreatAwakening/ sub.

This website covers Current Events as well as Q posts and Trump Tweets and their decoding.



Welcome ALL newbies! - BEGIN HERE!



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Another really huge shocker to new users is when they find out that the Holocaust is not what you have been told

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A lot of redditors will see this comment, clutch their figurative pearls, and think. “oh lord, the top commenter is a real life “n” word! (no goats, not THAT word, they mean the one with a Z in it too) and they’ll go running back to heavily moderated and highly censored social media sites to tell them how Voat is just chock-full of....err...”alt-right” or “nationalist” types.

Hopefully there will be a few that, regardless of how they feel about your personal philosophy, will say “huh, here’s someone who I’ve seen banned and run off from other sites because of their views....just like I was. But, here they are, the “worst” (most reviled? Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad people?!!?) being accepted, maybe even respected (WTF?!) as a having opinions that, whether one agrees with it or NOT is being allowed to be expressed freely and openly and without censorship.

To me, that’s what Voat is really about. True free speech. Which INCLUDES the freedom to speak that which is offensive, abhorrent, and unpleasant.

You can say whatever YOU want. But...that means you have to respect everyone else’s right to do the same.

I think this is pretty amazing. Just takes some getting used to.

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That was my first reaction back when fatpeoplehate got banned and I first came here, so I ran back to reddit

Then the bannings kept happening, I kept peeking in. Eventually I realized that actual white nationalists are NOTHING like the ridiculous caricatures portrayed in the media. They completely misrepresent not just the people, but the ideology and logic behind it. Not only that, but if you were open to discuss/debate there were plenty of friendly people happy to provide countless facts and resources that just couldn't be denied. By the time MDE was banned I was more at home here than on reddit.

Thanks friends!

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This goes to show that people in the mainstream have a terrible idea about what censorship actually does.

No censorship in the universe can make a Nazi a not-Nazi. Short of imprisoning or executing everyone with the wrong opinions, nothing but actual, free and open discussions will change that. There is only two ways to access someone's mind, with words and with force, but force is limited to very drastic measures.

Censoring everyone everywhere just drives them somewhere else. Talk is what changes minds.

But if right-wingers talk to normies, turning them right-wing, too, who's views are really wrong?

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If they have any issues, they can fuck right off. We don't need nor want them. Those niggers and kikes can do us all a favor and create a proper ceiling mosaic if they dislike the platform.

Say what you want, by all means, but do not expect anyone to agree. You can love it or hate it here. Otherwise, piss off. Realize that we don't need you here. We don't care. You deserve nothing from us. If you have issues, cuck back to Fagget.

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White supremacy is a fact; White nationalism is a goal; White domination is an eventuality.

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i would say its more about jealousy by others of caucAsian man's ability to build functioning communities and commodities to feed their communities...

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But we let the Q-tards stay and they keep shitting in the kitchen.

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QRV is the worst. They really think everyone is a shill here too (lmao). I have a theory about that though. QRV was created because the great awakening sub got banned and then Q posted to make QRV on voat and that's where all of the redditards went. So anytime some frustrated patriot says they are tired of waiting for this bullshit plan to unfold while we are still being invaded and fucked in the ass by our politicians, they come in droves screaming SHILL SHILL SHILL SHILL HAHAHAHA I'M OVER THE TARGET HAHAHA IT'S A SHILL HAHAHAHA

Well the thing about these idiots that stayed on reddit over the past 4+ years, every single sub on reddit is so heavily moderated and censored that they have never had to seen a post that they disagree with. Every single sub has been an echo chamber (100% of them, not even 99.99%). So they are shocked to see a post that they could ever disagree with and they honestly believe it's shills, when in fact it's real Americans who are fucking frustrated as all hell.

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It's the same three dudes using all the buzzwords, too.

Once a week, go carpet-bomb the sub with "ARRESTS OR GTFO" and watch em spin up the shillRoutine.bat

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No, GA is the worst because you have a reddit power mod there who deletes anyone who disagrees with him

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Great point Grunge!

[–] toobaditworks ago  (edited ago)

Almost all disagreements I ever got on reddit were actual shills. That place is run by shareblue, deep state, democrat, marxist, one world government commie shills.

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Yeah....those fuckers refuse to consider truth about jews. Zionists are pure scum

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Go suck a dick Jew Burger!

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Q PREDICTED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q predicted this.

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Saved that one. Nice post

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How you do dat?

[–] CaucasianWhiteBoy ago 

I wish there was a way to bookmark posts like this.

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Click on "link" and then save the address as a bookmark in your browser. Not rocket surgery here. There's also a "save" button when you click on the ellipses.

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Under the post, click the three dots, then click save. Afterwards, if you look at your profile, you'll see a "Saved" heading. Click that.

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If you don't like it, there's plenty of subs on here that don't (usually) bring jews up at all.

Which ones? I can fix that.

Also we only scare away the faggot niggers. The niggerfaggots get to stay.

[–] BLOODandHONOUR ago 

Yeah that definitely sounds like someone is running from the problem

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Fuck off we’re full

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And the pool is always closed

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Due to AIDS

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Well if you would fucking clean it every once in a while...

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Yeah, the last straw in a long line of straws. I quit Reddit today and created this account.

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Inb4 @Zyklon_b




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But wait.. I'm black and Jewish.


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good work

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Welcome aboard, niggerfaggot!

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Yea my based niggers!!!

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You don't really have to agree with much on here, i don't agree with half the shit i see here, there's a decent amount of YangGangers here but i would never ban anyone. We accept all cultures here, we are not bigots.

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Fuck off faggot. I am a bigot.

I cannot wait to see the world cleansed of you do gooders.

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Fuck off faggot

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New account, old user, glad to be logged in again. Screw the SJW circlejerk

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I did the same when Cringe Anarchy fell. I have a voat account from way back when everyone thought KiA would be banned (they cucked and became retarded and ineffectual instead) but the name is the same as what I used to use on reddit. Better to nuke it all and start fresh.

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You fucking jew.

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2.5 year old account? Pft. Clearly a shill. Come back once it's at least 15 years old, Shlomo.

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lol, says the 2.3 year account. haha, well played sir, well played.

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