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Technically, they will one way or the other when the US Dollar hits zero.

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I don't think any goyim will know when this day will come. It will be a shock to all but the 0.01% who amazingly sell off all their investments the day before.

The best thing you can do is live life and be happy -- make the most of it and don't take your wage slave job so seriously.

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and be prepared to make hard choices when the time comes.

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and learn to be self sufficient, there's a reason why they watch the preppers more carefully than the wnite/asian supremacist

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The Rothschilds sold off a lot of stuff last month. Though it was probably some sort of personal transaction since the other banking families didn't seem to do anything. If we see the lot of them all sell at once, that's when it hits.

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Yup. Who needs politicians when the doomed US dollar is going to evaporate, and every other fiat currency on the world, since they're all base don the US dollar.

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If they forgive the debt it will be in the form of the government buying it and then increasing taxes to pay for it.

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And of course they will continue to buy it year after year, including the new increases in tuition since the schools know the government is paying.

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The government is already the lender. Most student loans are backed by the us taxpayer.

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90% of student loans are made by the government. You and me are on the hook.

[–] jimibulgin ago 

If they forgive the debt, their will be less incentive for young men to join the military to fight wars for Israel.

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What do you guys think the "catch" will be, if it does happen?


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They will just change the formula to calculate the CPI again to keep it at a 2-3% level. For the hundredth time. Can't have the citizens knowing how much they are getting screwed.

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They’ll just go out and get mortgages and car loans. All that money never existed, anyway.

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Oh, they'll probably do it. If this happens, the taxes alone will be so bad the debt we used to have will be the least of our friggen problems.

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Every fucking thing already has insane tax rates and/or necessary payments (insurance/utilities/some counties even have fire fighter taxes). TPTB are trying to will everyone into rent/lease life so fewer and fewer goyim actually own anything.

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I think it's a boomer suggestion, and it does what the boomers did, and pass the buck.

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no catch... it fits their plan... now all of the idiot underclass are debt-free and able to go on a credit-bender... life will get instantly better for the non-planners and they'll be able to get whatever they want for 2-3 months. the nation will be deeper in debt, and inflation will keep ticking up... but the kool-aid drinkers will be better-off (if only short-term) and the rest of us will be worse-off (long-term). so it's a win for them as-is.

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They need the goys to take on those 30 year mortgage and prop up real estate market.

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exactly! and the debt won't disappear... it'll just be shifted onto us.... and then the same thing will happen again when we decide that people with IQs under 100 can't be held to a contract and their debt has to be passed to us... and then again a few years later when they make it 95... then a few decades after that the remaining small population of 20k mostly-pure europeans will finally no longer be able to support the entire rest of the planet and there will be a proper reset... and if those 20k survive the ensuing chaos maybe their descendants will get it right a thousand years later.

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and thus ended the human experiment.

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Let's assume Bernie becomes president. It would never pass the house or senate.

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Normies don think that way. They don't understand that way. They really just don't understand anything really.

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Jews will never allow this to happen. Debt slavery is a must.

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