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I was told by someone that works in Revenue Services, whom work closely with the Sheriff's Dept, that they aren't even deporting the ones that are convicted of sexual assault! Uhmericans need to wake dafuq up and realize that our country is under TOTAL jewish control and the only = 1776

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Until things get bad enough that most people start suffering personally from it, no one will revolt.

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How can I be suffering if I have a cell phone and Netflix?

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1776 has long passed.

It's 1939-time.

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1488 is a nice number

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agreed, but the one caveat is that that requires a leader who has the people's best interest in mind. all ours are paid for by Chabbad. we have to do this ourselves, IMHO.

[–] EyeOfHorus ago 

Berlin is prime-time fodder. Broken social structure, no more families.

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sounds good to me I'm just a poorfag but I still want to stack them.

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The real trick would be to get multiple goats to report the same bogus activity. Let's pick a random shitty apartment complex near the border with tacodump:

Park Hill Apartments 815 Ranchero Rd, Kerrville, TX 78028


Totally saw white vans lining up around the block with ICE agents spotted driving! Arriba, arriba! ¡Ándale!

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Yes 911 I saw a illegal immigrant orgy right near the border.

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You should learn how to spoof your phone # if you're going to do this, it will save you a lot of time

[–] NoRoyalty ago 

Have a site to suggest?

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* 6 7

[–] spyder228 ago 

Pretty sure you can use the 2nd Line app to make phone calls. I use it for texts when I sell shit on craigslists so crazys don't get my real number.

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Report activity at all spic hangouts. Welfare office, bowling alleys, Home Depot ect.

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Probably make sure there isn't actually an ICE raid first.

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Free phone numbers on google voice

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>google voice

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Not condoning this, but the thing to do is to give good sounding false info. Get people jumping in crazed directions until the source of news is no longer trusted.

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Tried to report someone once and never got through.

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Sounds like fun.