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I guess we'll never know.

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Who would really want to have sex with someone else's fake penis or fake vagina? Just other sexual perverts is who.

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What is about perverts that they never want to stick to their own kind?

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We want girly girls and manly men, not abominations that can't even meet in the middle.

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I've actually met a really passable goth tranny. I was fooled pretty hard. 5'2 skinny, decent tits, makeup/long hair on point. Was so tempted to ask it out until a good bro saw me eyeing it and said he tried and found out near sex that it was a dude. Junk chopped off, looked shit and he ran the fuck away. Never said anything as he was embarrassed. The tranny freaked out and is a bit messed up. As you'd expect, he chopped his dick and balls off. No kids and only desperate cuck faggots will want you.

Be wary out there boys, some of them pass and you might find out to late. Keep the lights on and don't get too drunk or you might become a faggot.

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Am I stupid? I thought trannies were just dudes that dressed like chicks. Did that change somewhere along the line?

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You are thinking of how the term tranny was used in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Now it means you had your junk cut off and acting like the opposite sex has become full time - not just when you feel like having fun for a few hours on the weekend.

[–] YoHomie ago 

Damn. thanks for the update... I guess I wasn't paying attention.

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A standard parenthesis search on parenthesis search engine reveals that the journal author seems to be obsessed with a time period of genocide in middle Europe, but does not mention the genocides in eastern Europe and Asia at roughly the same time. One wonders.

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"The results showed “87.5% of the participants who were asked this very question only checked off the cisgender options and excluded transgender and non-binary individuals" that's a low fucking number WTH

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Survey was done in hypercucked Canada, likely on a university campus. Even then, only 1/8 of the respondents were too afraid to say "no".

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“individuals were least likely to express an interest in dating trans women, even if their sexual identity would otherwise indicate an interest in women (i.e., straight men, lesbian women, or queer/bisexual individuals).”

Individuals who want to date women don't want to date men. Gee, real mystery that one.

[–] Zoldam ago 

As if "psychologists" weren't already enough of a joke.

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