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They show removing clothes with scissors... Which is a deadly weapon that you are not allowed to have on the street.

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Anyone who has been in an "acid" attack with [acid] knows step 3 is where the pain comes in.

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Should be giving out free baking soda with those cultural enrichment posters.

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We've gone from Reduce Reuse Recycle to Report Remove Rinse. It's almost like we didn't have these problems before. It's almost like this is a complete step backwards in our now "diversity enriched" culture.

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Ok so I should call the police first and give them my number while my face burns off. Now that my face has burnt off and the damage is much worse, I should use scissors (who has scissors in great socialist uk) to take my clothing off. Right. And now I should pour some water on to dilute the acid. But if I don't pour enough water I'll just fuck myself up more. Also if I pour the water too slowly it'll heat up boiling and burn me/ sputter acid everywhere.

This seems like a bad ruleset to follow. It should be 1. Rip off your clothing while running to the nearest source of water. If there is a large amount of water close enough, get in the water right away and take off your clothing during. 2. Absolutely drench yourself in water for minutes. 3. Call police after or during.

That's standard labratory practice. Get under water immediately and also strip immediately. Waiting until your clothing is off before you start the water is suicide.

I feel like that sign is sponsored by "plastic surgeons association" or something lol.

[–] Asinthe ago 

Shouldn't you remove acid with vinegar or stuff like tgat? Doesn't water make it much worse?

[–] ArcAngel ago 

vinegar for caustic/alkaline... bakingsoda solution for corrosive/acids..

[–] Wiglaf ago 

London is a cesspit and it's become almost impossible for them to cover up stuff on what is going on.

[–] tomdogg ago 

Man the world went to shit in almost an instant.

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