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"The Jewish people, as the most persecuted people in earths history, hold the hard-earned knowledge and wisdom necessary to lead humanity and the earth into a utopia of equality and diversity for all time."

"It is obvious therefore, that any opposition to this wonderful brave new world, would naturally stem from the same cesspit of evil authoritarian oppression that spawned the hated and reviled nazi menace, that almost succeeded in murdering every last human being on earth just 70 years ago."

I'm just waiting for them to use this argument, it's taking them awhile but I'm calling it.

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Nazi never talked about killing everyone they just wanted ethno states for all. It's the globalists kikes constantly talking about overpopulation and foaming at the mouth for wholesale population reduction and replacement.

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I know that, and you know that.

unfortunately plenty of people on the street would buy those lines of bullshit I wrote.

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To be fair, the Jews wouldn't have been happy in Madagascar, either.

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They cant use it. They have nothing to show. No civilization, no nothing. They only got a country after thousands of years because white men fought for it.

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Because they kvetched and coaxed Germany to war. Holocaust means burnt offering or sacrifice as in a price willingly paid to appease their god, and their god is Mammon.

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There's something really creepy about the way that woman blinks.


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that spawned the hated and reviled nazi menace, that almost succeeded in murdering every last human being on earth just 70 years ago."

Either this kike is getting high on its own farts, or it just admitted the jewish notion that only jews are people, and no one else... that is if you believe the holohoax story.

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Any truth about us jews is anti-semitic. Shaloms™, goytards

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Oh shit, we all thought you got gassed


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They turned him into soap!

...he got better.

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I was in Israel teaching MOSSAD new jewing tactics. Shaloms™✡️

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HEY! He's back! Glad to see you're okay Noseberg Shekelman! Shaloms!

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Hello, my friend. Glad to be back from training in Israel. Shaloms™✡️

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Just stopping by to point out that the logo used by this account is an F for "Forward" stylized to look like wings.

But the way it's oriented, those wings would take us backwards.

Kinda makes you think.

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The Forward changed their name from The Jewish Daily Forward

"Founded in 1897 as a Yiddish-language daily socialist newspaper" A bunch of typically communist fucking assholes looking to genocide more people, as usual.

"The Forward is published by an independent not-for-profit association" Hahah My ass. There's no such thing as an independent non profit. They either beg for money or else the kikes with currency control throw gobs of it at them to help them get communist slave labour for goy cattle

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Whenever someone is bitching about privilege, wealth, or social standards, just randomly ask "jeez, what's with the anti-semiticism?" Really throw them for a loop.

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disagreeing with jewish supremacists in anyway is anti semitic.

good thing ameritads keep supporting israel. the world is doomed

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Antisemitism, Atrazin and why Amazon hates Books .. !

So first of all: you are played by words -

antisemitism is used like hatesppech to brainwash people - see fake science in psychology today - is refusing to date trans a hatecrime :-DD

globalism is bad when risks are unduly sociallized and possible gains unduly privatized - perfectly ok when people exchange ideas and goods on a wholesome levell.

EUssRabia could have been a good example ((without crazy beaurocrazy and shameless corruption, greedy politicians seling their people for cheap)) migration is NO problem between SIMILAR countries (culturally/economically) - replacement migration fills a plethora of bingoslots: tension, destruction of peace and safety, huge gains for too many nefarious shemes to even list them ..

WATCH "Checkmate to Humanity"

with left right you get pitted against your neighbours

with fake feminism you are pitted against your spouse

with elsagate the souls of your innocent children are mutillated

with fake sustainabillity insidious purposes are hidden and many young distracted and wipped in a frenzy,

Greta Thunberg in 3 .. 2 .. Club of Rome, Soros closedsociety404 Taxempt "Foundation"



Antisemitism, Atrazin and why Amazon hates Books .. !

abc. YT elsagate transgender AGENDA 21 2030andme .. it certainly is not only a biased searchengine or a biased socialmedia site all are echochambers and honeypots, .. and worse: social engeneering of the most insidious kind. Dopamin fueld Pavlovian brainwashing and attention suckers.


TINATESSLER scrubbed from minds ?

Antisemitism, just like hatespeech, or even more ridiculous in my opinion is cultural approriation, are words or terms used as a psyop weapon.

The grandfather so to speak is “conspiracy theory” : a short wrap up should suffice :

con·spir·a·cyn. pl. con·spir·a·cies

An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act. So although literally from kindergarten kids hiding toys from each other, up to the levels of Bilderberg and above, this goes on

millions of times every day, yet see the wiki def:

https: /en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conspiracy_theory a sidenote on wiki : google of elsagate f(sh)ame uses it for ... what fee ?

Yet users are asked for donation every other week. Not talking about the problem when this easily edited site serves as authorative

source of information or .. indoctrination.

Then compare to:

https:/ /www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-02-23/1967-he-cia-created-phrase-conspiracy-theorists-and-ways-attack-anyone-who-challenge ..

宮廷ユダヤ人 - Wikipedia https:/ /ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/宮廷ユダヤ人 部分ブロックに関する方針改訂が6月1日に行われました(詳細)。 宮廷ユダヤ人. 出典: フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)』. ナビゲーションに移動 検索に移動. 宮廷 ユダヤ人(きゅうていユダヤじん、英語:Court Jew, ドイツ語:Hofjude(n), ...

@muh-shugana @gazillions @blacksheepbrouhaha @nosebergshekelman @sosacasm

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