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Diversity is like saltwater. You can have Pacific Saltwater, Indian Saltwater, Atlantic Saltwater, etc. Nevermind that salt all looks the same and all it does is pollute freshwater and make it undrinkable. Freshwater is a symbol of white nationalism.

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sweden got cucked harder than anyone, heard about all their no go areas full of rag heads? got over 50.

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Who hasn't heard about them? They have grenades, guns, Molotovs, firebombs, and knives. It's not like they are silent about anything.

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too many swedes cause they still bring these rag head bastards in.

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I miss the time when it wasn't embarrassing to be a Swede. The media propaganda here is strong. Socialism worked well here before the mass immigration, so I don't think that is to blame, honestly. I do understand that many of you here doesn't like it, and that's alright of course.

I think many Swedes missed the old days, when the socialism here was more a thing we used to actually take care for each other. Before it was raped in to taking less care about ourselves and giving away our resources to others.

And it's very weird how it happened. Of the parties you could vote for, every party supported this. Didn't matter whether if it was on the right or on the left, every party supported the same cucking of Sweden. In 90s there was one short lived party against this, new democracy they were called. They got voted in and never came back again. After them there was nothing else until Sweden Democrats grew bigger and got voted in 2010. This was of course met with medial outrage and the outrage never really stopped. All the other parties did everything they could to ensure that SD shouldn't have any power. It went as far as the right wing parties chose to give the victory to the left wing parties, rather than cooperate with SD. But then again, can you trust them?

So please, whatever you think about socialism, try to understand that this is far bigger than socialism. To me, there's no doubt something else is going on, why else would all the established parties push for the same Cucking of Sweden? Something is not right.

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Fuck Sweden

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No way, I don't want moslem VD!

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Swedes had to prepare for long winters which meant they needed to be a part of the community in order to survive. Therefore, they evolved to be extreme conformists.

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Shit take, it has more to do with socialists having power for almost a hundred years. Winters are only really hard in the north, and few people live there.

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Well earned upvoat.

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By all means, let's change the laws around the capture of rapists to compensate for the criminals, not the targets. Fucking makes so much sense.