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When you pawn your future earnings to get a math degree because you're mathematically oriented and very good at it, but have to kiss the ass of the insane marxist college administration it takes an unusually strong willed young person to resist their constant indoctrination.

It's even worse if you haven't figured out that the marxist whackos are only there because the oligarchs and foreign interests have made large endowments and determined who works at the universities, because the administration are all prostitutes for hire.

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"every man is my shitty ex" - The feminist movement.

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Dude's probably not even shitty, he just didn't want to put up with an entitled fat bitch.

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Hungary has already banned gender studies because they figured out that it is not a real avenue of study. It would be a better world if we in America could figure out the logic behind this and apply it to ourselves. Fucking Obama screwed up the head space of Americans for years to come. Gay shit this, transgender bathrooms that, fucking stupid this. I actually really liked Laura Ingram's quote, about how if transgenders want their own bathrooms, they should just wear diapers and use the bathroom wherever they want. Extra points for having them walking around in their own shit for once.

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Kennedy put man on the moon, Obama put man in the women’s toilets.

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You are the reason that VOAT will always remain awesome.

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So did Japan, except they cut all state funding to arts. The rot isn't restricted to gender studies.

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That's fucking brilliant. Japan is savage when it comes to making decisions based on the desired outcome of mental health. You know, except for the suicide forest and people who are literally working themselves to death and jumping off the roof.

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lmao did you make this it's savage as fuck but so deserved. some majors are worse than worthless.

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stem you do learn shit but not shit worth the debt the kikes put you in.

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They do know what men think. They think they aren't marriage material.

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Liberals want free college, but they never talking about making state school admissions far more selective.

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Liberals want whatever their media priests tell them to want. The media and the non profits and NGOs all have the same funding source (the one percent they think they're working against) and they're too stupid to question that.

Liberals are very dumb.

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We have sort of free college (like 3-4K a year all in) but we only introduced free college in 1995 I think it was, so I remember when there were proper fees in place (although not as obscene as they seem to be in the US). Getting rid of fees means the colleges are completely dependent on central government for funding, and they just don’t get as much from that avenue as they used to get from fees, so our colleges are terminally underfunded these days and have been slipping steadily down the international rankings year on year as a result. But that’s an okay price to pay to increase participation in tertiary education from poorer socioeconomic groups, right? Well unfortunately the participation rates of these groups hasn’t really increased at all by abolishing fees. If you’re poor chances are you can’t afford to go 3 or 4 years with no income, and the biggest driver in kids going to college is familial expectations and those people just aren’t expected to go to college. What it has resulted in is the rich kids who would’ve gone to college no matter what the fees were (I’m one of them so grew up with loads of those kind of people) now don’t have to spend money on fees so can go off on great 4 month long holidays every summer during college. We had some really brilliant summers in fairness, spent one in the US on a J1, another in Toronto, went interrailing in Western Europe for another. I’m not sure summertime jollies for rich kids is a good trade off for having decent third level institutions myself, but bizarrely it’s still the socialists who support the free fees system despite how it’s played out over the last few decades.

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Even then, not all stem degrees are equal. Botany is stem, so is a BSc in psychology or "climate-change science."

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true dat

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In California, we call these 'librarians'

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