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Biology is ideology, bro. There will never be a peaceful black anything because they have not experienced the same environmental pressures that Euroes and some Asians have; pressures that select for high trust, resource management, and future orientation.

What Alternative Hypothesis on the JewTube (he might have a BitChute, I am not sure) if you would like to know more about race and genealogy.

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or perhaps "blacks" are simply subsaharan african cannibals who's religion is voodoo(eating people) and who's culture produces zero commodities?!. "As a courtesy, please stop feeding the cannibals, thank you!"

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There are a few blacks that I have noticed that do respect the other cultures and try to do better for their family and others. I've noticed that in the right circumstances, even these ones sometimes act like the stereotype if they meet certain criteria. But mainly, this is due to not thinking through their actions in the moment entirely. It's really funny, blacks are so easy manipulate when you know how. Just dangle a fancy pair of shoes in front of them and you can get one to run around in circles like they're trapped in a damn hamster wheel.

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The normal acting ones revert back to chimps when around other niggers.

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Sad but true. The Black community lacks two basic things when it comes to life and living: consideration, for the past, present, and the future, and holding life sacred above all. They are willing to kill each other over a $180 pair of shoes. What do you think is going to happen when they are put together in one place?

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maybe its because their culture is cannibalism?

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and thats a criteria for being a cannibal!

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Perpetual children.

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Perpetual children under the age of three who do not understand cause and effect whatsoever.

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I think it is important to remember that there was a time, not too long ago, in America's past when black Americans had a much higher rate of home ownership, lower unemployment rates, lower addiction rates, higher average savings, higher rates of business ownership and committed far less crimes. I'm not saying that all races are the same at all, simply stating that it is possible, very possible for these people to be better than they are. I could say the same thing about modern day whites compared to whites 60 years ago.

Will they get this chance? Probably not. Honestly, the next Democrat that gets elected is going to drive this country off a fucking cliff and totally destroy what's left of its tax base. It won't be rebuilt. If whites go away then 'people of color' aren't going to all hold hands and get along. You'll see more Chinese and Sharia Law Muslims shipped in and no one will even pretend to give a fuck about alleged black oppression. African Americans supporting open borders is just as bad if not worse as Baizuo or leftist whites supporting open borders. It will not end well for black Americans here, just as it isn't going well for blacks in the UK and it certainly isn't going great for blacks in Zimbabwe or South Africa.

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Truer words rarely are spoken.

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Definitely not all blacks.

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Just 99%

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hmmm.. what is the name of that non-violent, low crime, predominately Black city, again ????

It escapes me.

You must be thinking about how Blacks are depicted in TV Commercials.

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One of my neighbors is a black man and is a very nice man. Good father, etc.

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It's not all, but it's so many that the few good ones can't get anything accomplished because the rest of them will just take or destroy whatever the few build. Every city they take over deteriorates physically and spiritually.

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hey retard their culture IS cannibalism!!!