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Molesting children is how gays produce. It's in the handbook.

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That guy help fund all sorts of strange political and religious movements in the West too from the look of things. It's like the damage that the Soviet Union did is still playing out today.

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Notice how it refers to its children as "this kid".

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this Jew faggot is musing about his fantasies

odds are he doesn't even have a kid

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Just don't check any hidden basements near certain types of restaurants...

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Despite making up less than 2% of the population.
Homosexuals make up more than 98% of the media

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Remember, gayness is genetic, it's something you're born with and it's an immutable part of you.

Unless you decide you're actually straight or bi or asexual or pansexual. Then gayness is like, a spectrum? And you can move around it like a leaf in the wind.

Trust me, this all makes perfect sense. Honk honk.

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Well, assuming it is genetic I'd expect multiple forms of such a mental illness to exist given how complex the neural structures involved are. Pattern recognition is pretty complicated stuff.

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Mental disorders can be genetic and people can become mentally disordered, so yeah.

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like vegan cats, nothing to do with the owners influence

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"this other kid" = language used by psycos to describe their accessories

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Isn't it the left that accuse the Right of dehumanizing people too?

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is that thing made up or did the Kikes come up with new methods of subversion??

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Child abusing parents producing mentally screwed up children. There's still a slim amount of hope for the child, if the kid grows up fast enough to realize that his parents are compromised morons.

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