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They put us in jail for "hate speech", too. Just not enough to make us rise up and kill them all. Yet.

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When the people are fed and entertained they do nothing, and the aware grow ever frustrated. All we can do is wake up as many a possible over time.

I'd rather it be as peaceful as possible. There is a road for that, and it starts with mass conservative migration towards specific area of the US.

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"....it starts with mass conservative migration towards specific areas of the US."

Specific areas of the US? .....Like Lewiston and Portland, Maine? Those areas have been deemed to be "too White". Right now, today, they're shipping in CONGO NIGGERS by the thousands.

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"It should be peaceful" >>>>"Let's retreat"

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You do realize your plan was talked about and tried in the 70's and 80's right? It was even talked about in Siege as something the movement tried and talked about very often. The time for that strategy to really work was decades ago. What's with the idea that you even need to convince the masses, they will follow whoever and whatever government is in charge if it means they can go back to their comforts and still put food on the table.

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The system only works when you obey it, i.e. law abiding.

When laws are no longer lawful or based on Natural Law should you continue to do so?

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and they're getting outbreeded by invading rag heads.

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That would really butter by biscuit but they also took my butter knife.

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Do you have a cold?

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Lots of people typing shit wrong and not editing and they're also not being called out on it. Grammar Nazi's not doing their fucking job anymore or something site wide. Learn to type you fucks!

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just a warm

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how many school shootings do they have every year tho?

[–] LightestHour ago 

Precisely enough to satisfy their yearly propaganda quotas

[–] Smokybubbles ago 

Not nearly enough to reduce the native population. That's why your government imports moslem savages.

[–] AlexanderMorose13 ago 

Where is Guy Fawkes when you need him? The British need another historical readjustment. I read during the war that the British ran TOWARDS the enemy, not to their own demise.

[–] 19354841? ago 

I did five years in the big house, you won't catch me calling someone a fireman again

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