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I haven’t yet crossed the line of looking in the mirror and feeling blissfully at ease.

It will never happen.

and the first reply

it's entirely possible there's some chemical imbalance that's exacerbating your dysphoria and assisting these violent thoughts in running away like they do

NOOO you don't say?

Wow, and we're supposed to think that these "people" are completely normal and are to be celebrated.

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This is very telling of a future serial killer. Not just because he fantasizes about these thoughts and they drive him sexually, but possibly there's a REASON he wants so badly to be a little girl. Like Jerry Brudos or Henry Lee Lucas, even though his fantasies right now are reminiscent of the fictional Buffalo Bill.

He needs help. Actual, mental help in a psychiatric ward. Or a therapist. Or a psychiatrist. Or a fucking bullet to the head.

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Serial killer In the making.

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So he can play with his ballsack they carved open and sculpted a vagina from his ball skin? No thanks. My daughter doesn’t need to watch some faggot play with his testicle vagina while she shits.

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The "It puts the lotion on its skin" guy from silence of the lambs was a forecast for what is to come. That's not an exaggeration. The gender and identity dysphoria that comes with this results in a literal split personality. It results in sexual dysphoria, often a love of cock but no romantic attraction to men.. they see women as attractive but can't be totally sexually pleased by a lady and it is difficult to have a crush on or fall in love with a lady. They can develop infatuation for women but women will never satisfy them but neither will a man so they just are there in the middle of the road, unable to really, truly be sexually satisfied or fall in love with a man or woman.

When you get someone like this, someone so humiliated, so lonely, so browbeaten by the world that they want to die but then out of desperation and perversion fall in love with 'remaking themselves' this is the level of delusion you get. They actually believe they will be passable, whether they or passable or not and believe it is their RIGHT to date the men they choose or the women they choose and that refusal is simply hate. Often, them trying to become women and failing miserably doesn't do anything to alleviate their anger for their abusive and overcompensating mothers. It does nothing to alleviate their loneliness or misery. Usually, it just makes it worse because now even fewer people will date them or consider dating them than before.

Best-worst case scenario they are a semi passable or passable trans person, in which case they will get maybe what they consider 'straight dick' or a lot of 'tranny chasers' but few of these guys will ever date them. They'll get lots of sex and that is a big IF they have anything resembling a sex drive after all the hormones.

I used to work with a homeless charity. I'd hear this story time and time again. Most of them were sick from untreated HIV which had turned to cancer, hungry and what you call 'invisible' homeless and they were horrid looking.. but the story was after they ended up losing spouse, job because of hormones, being fucked over and used in the gay community then ended on the streets they whored on meth for a good, usually 2 years then ended up completely burnt out, totally asexual suffering from depression and on the streets. It wasn't just that most of them were ill dressed or unclean but most were hard to look at. I mean you'd see these people you thought were 36 or 40 that were 24 or 26. Eventually, I just quit doing doing the charity because I had my own shit I had my own shit to deal with. As insane as you'd think a lot of them are(and they were) by the time they ended up "invisible homeless" they were usually very nice, as they were past that point of whoring or begging on the corner for change all the time and just lived out in the woods with the rest of the community.

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"would you fuck me? I'd fuck me." Buffalo Bill

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But remember; Jamie Gumb's only a fictional character!

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