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mel doesn't take shit from kikes calls their shit that's why. called winona ryder an oven dodger lmao.

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Anyone who doesn't like Mel Gibson is probably a Satanist

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The best apology is a change of behaviour: Replace the "R" in reddit with a "C" next time.

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The Pirate Bay, YTS YIFY movies, rarbg, eztv, torrentz2... Kikes have been trying to shut down torrents since 2006. Anything that they try to censor it can usually be found on torrents.

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I made the mistake of reading the comments.


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they should burn those he did with danny glover.they were shit.but he has done some good stuff over the years

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It's on kiketube and google video for £2.49 in the UK. Couldn't find it using a US VPN server though.

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Because most of HTML5 runs locally on your PC it can reach out past the browser and get some limited information about your PC like its current time, what network servers are being used for current time, and some information about your local network. Its not as bad as Javascript which could run phone home software (this is why you turn off Javascript on a tor network) but its pretty bad as far as VPN's go if the site running HTML5 wants to stop you from seeing something. It also has black box DRM which for all we know is phoning home with your precise location (which might be why Netflix started caring then not caring about using a VPN to access different content).

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