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lol the jews name is "Semen"

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They named him after the way he was conceived.

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They named him after his jewess mother's favorite beverage.

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Edit: they apparantly changed it to Semyon Hitler since thats the actual spelling of Semen in Yiddish

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When I see an article like this i always think, infighting. The whole thing is a scam to begin with so what, he's scamming the scam! Who cares! Except this guy made an enemy along the lines, (screwing a rabbi's wife or daughter or something) and this is payback.

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There's that Talmudic teaching that specifies that once a particular Jew successfully has goyim by the balls, they are his to swindle exclusively and that's fine. However, if another Jew swindles the same goyim, he is effectively stealing from the Jew who got there first, and so it is highly immoral.

That's basically what's going on here. Scamming German taxpayers out of that $57 million initially is a brilliantly lucrative harvest by the kikes in charge of the reparations. Even if they know the Holohoax to be a lie, they've committed no crime in a Jewish court. This Semen fella comes along and tries to get in on the action, however, and he's booted from the tribe. "There are plenty of other goys to milk, get your own schtick!"

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Sounds about right.

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They simply can not help themselves. It's a pathological culture.

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It's the truth! They can't help it. They've gotta be pulling a scam of some kind!

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Prepare yourselves for the 120 year old "oldest living survivors". These pieces of shit are going to keep singing the same song till 2065. "Eva Clarke, who was born on a wooden cart in the shadow of the prison camp's gates on 29 April 1945, just hours after her mother's arrival there."

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It's based on the 'theory' that, like niggers, their great, great grandchildren (and so on) will forever be altered and deprived of normalcy by the horrors of the holohoax, therefore making them victims by proxy.

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Holocaust industry captain. Most of reparation funds went to leeches like this. Epub book on the subject

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Good find.

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Thank you for sharing this book. If you have the time, would you be willing to post other books, similar to this one?

Also, would you mind (if you have the info) posting additional free book download sites?

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lib gen io. (library of genisis) its a second internet really. The paladin press catalogue is pretty rum.

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No jail time. The rule of law is gone.

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bwhahahaha NO JAIL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your goy laws do not apply to us jews. I keep telling you goytards this. Shaloms and praise israel✡️

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Holocaust Restitution: A dunious, fraud filled enterprise: https://stopacthr1226.org/holocaust-restitution-a-dubious-fraud-filled-enterprise-unworthy-of-the-support-of-a-us-president/

Good writeup that was written at a time when congress was.voting on a related resolution.

Note also that the largest banks in Israel have also embezzlemed millions in funds paid for holocaust victins. Now think for a minute...Those banks probably helped advance the myth of the holocaust for their own financial gain.

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How dare you question their authenticity, goy. You're obviously antisemitic. Remember the 6 gorillion. Why do they persecute us so?

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