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so this brave man gave his life (in prison perhaps?) to kill a parasite that was threatening his land and his people..

he was a martyr and saved japan from filthy commies.. good on him.

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And he didn't even have a gun

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Ban full-semi-auto assault nips!

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An unsung hero.

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no he was not. because we will sing for him. we wont forget him. he will live on forever through us.

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How to debate with a communist.

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I love the Japanese so, so, so much. Their level of devotion to martyrdom, in order to save their country, can only be seen through European eyes during the First Crusade. This short gif is a work of art, and a behavior to be emulated. We have guns, and if you're smart enough, bombs, and this guy used a fucking sword, because it was imperative to the future health of his country, a country that he truly loved. We have guns, and we can't even do this to people who are committing open treason.

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Japanese I will maintain respect for. Koreans I maintain some respect for.

Chinese, Vietnamese, and so on?

Bug people... More of an ant colony than anything.

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I reckon that pre-communism China was more similar to the other east Asians. Did you know? The culture in Taiwan, which is the nation to which the old government of China fled after the civil war, is much more respectful, clean, and self-conscious than the mindless insectoid culture of mainland China. The Great Leap Forward absolutely gutted Chinese culture. All East Asians are like ant people in a way due to their reduced individuality, high conformism, and high collectivism, but the mainland Chinese are definitely the most deplorable of these hive-cultures. I sure wish I could've seen a modern China under their standard nationalist republican rule.

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Any jewish-owned politician need to be dealt with this way. Not just the communist ones.

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Communism is just Jewish Supremacism. Call it by it’s name.

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Japs didn't like communism either from what I understand.

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This gives me hope for finding ways to rid government of anti - 2nd Amendment politicians with out giving them ammunition to advocate for more bullshit anti-2nd Amendment laws.

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