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Almost like when the Bolsheviks took power and banned Russians from talking about Jewish supremacy.

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Indeed, under Bolshevism anti-semitism was a capital offense.

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I’d be willing to be that that laymen leftists in support of most of this GARBAGE know next to nothing about such things.

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source? (I'm not denying it, I just was evidence)

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It wasn't about White Supremacy per say, it was about nationalist vs globalism. The media just like to blend White Supremacy with Nationalism, they want people to associate not having open borders with slavery basically.

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Use the word conflate instead of blend-- they hate that.

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What's the context of the dislike for conflate?

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The fuck it was. Jews want us dead. And they want to rule the world .

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Except open borders is slavery. Illegals have no rights and can be abused even worse than slaves. If they get injured or sick, you just stop paying them and you're not out the principle as if you just lost a slave. We really do live in a clown world.

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Funnily enough, even the holy bible states that open borders are evil (Exodus 23:31 and Exocus 34:24). MAybe this is one of the reasons there is such hatred for christians, as almost everything christians are blamed for is a project of the left:

  • Bible Thumpers = The left constantly yelling and berating you for not appeasing to their demands. I fail to see why one religion needs to appease the insane demands of all other religions AND appease a political party, while none of those same groups have to return the favor.

  • Reading in between the lines, too fluid an interpretation = As if the left doesn't LOVE reading in between the lines to get their way. Every time they can't pass something, it either gets passed in the dead of the night, or the highway commerce clause is used for some reason. They also intentionally blur the lines to demoralize people, but christians are the evil ones...

  • Too rigid and stubborn to accept new views = Coming from the same fuckers who absolutely refuse to accept the NRA should exist, and that people have inalienable rights. The left is a repeat of bolshevik communisn, with a new name. And like every time, if it isn't whites slaughtering them, it will be the next group after that will

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No, it was about whites. Kill yourself.

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Honk honk

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It's an outright assertion that white people don't exist.

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They should all be thrown into a vat of acid.

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What are you a South American

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More likely from London. That's the only place I've actually heard of acid attacks going down. They have guns in South America... I've seen enough Brazilian shootings online to know that there's a pretty huge nigger problem there, so I don't doubt there could be acid attacks. I've just never really heard of acid attacks being associated with South America before.

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Clown world

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This post summarizes the reality of Clown World better than anything else I've seen to date.

Honkler would be proud.

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Truly infuriating. This is happening under Trump's watch.

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