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When all this started I rolled out my standard line: "When a third world shit hole does NOT crash an airliner is when something newsworthy happens".

I do still stand by that. But it is now obvious that Boeing has fully embraced the culture of Chicago Politics -- Force and threats can always get you what you want. In this case they wanted the 737 Max certficated by the FAA. They didn't care about any pesky laws of physics.

One thing is absolutely certain. Not one of the criminals in Boeing senior management that paid off the federal officials nor the officials themselves will be seeing the inside of a prison. There might be some high profile prosecutions of the engineers that leaked the stories though.

This is what end stage crony capitalism looks like.

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You know quite a bit less than you think you do.

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They may have been taught how to fly the plane but I can guarantee you they don't understand the fundamentals of flying.