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Oh how I wish that was a real tweet

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Boomers allowed kikes to rape and brainwash their children and yet boomers still think Millennials are the issue.

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Boomers bitch about millennials fucking butts, but allow Jews to castrate little boys. Also... Iran, amirite!?

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No one has control over what degenerate shit Jews do. If so, that shit would have stopped a long time ago. it sucks that the Catholic church, and it's offspring, still think the Jews are better than anyone else, being the "chosen people".They chose to call themselves the chosen people: We need to stop the religious, financial, and informational tyranny of the jews.

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Jews had their dicks mangled as babies so they want everyone else to be mutilated so they feel normal, instead of addressing the child abuse within their own people.

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boomers literally sold america to israel with their idiocy and now think we care what they think

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Millennials and Islam.

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Millennials are still dumb faggots. Even if they're brainwashed, they deserve to be ridiculed. At some point, one's flaws become his own.

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Millennials have more supporters of the black sun than anything you old nigger. Who's killing sand niggers, millennials. You're attacking your last defense you cunt.

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Never, never, never eat processed McNigger shit—unless you want to please the jew.

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Ok, I will eat at Burger King instead.

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The irony here being that their "meat products" include exactly those things. For both cows and pigs they throw in both the lips and the anuses.

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Yeah they wouldn't bother fucking with it, easier just to sell them to the hot dog plant.

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A (showered) butt hole is a lot healthier than a Big Mac.

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No calories!

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So they are going to release the McFelch and a McRim, both full of 100% Pure Assholes, Both have hint of special sauce and taste like used douche bag Nozzles, much like everything else they make. Very Funny Image parody in anycase

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Mc Donald's is fine on like a monthly basis

One Nig Mac. (mcdouble sans ketchup and mustard and shredded lettuce and Mac sauce) Medium fries Small Coke

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That sounds dry and disgusting

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The same thing gets said about most of voat's sense of humor.

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Make homemade burgers with fresh real ingredients. Each burger is 100x more filling/ satisfying and it's genuinely healthy for you. Also works out much cheaper (despite larger burgers) if you make them for a group of people.... like... a family





All the basic food groups. Fast food is just trash.

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Absolutely. Trying to get some of my friend groups to do homecooked meals together but they're all hooked on fast food. Fucking millennials.

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Ever since I saw that one movie where that guy ate nothing but McDonald’s for like a month, I’ll never touch anything from that place again. The fucking Big Mac didn’t even rot when left sitting out

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Nah. BK minus the bun or Wendy's but never McDonald's. Everything at McDonald's is overloaded with as much sugar as they can fit in it. Like your hamburger buns do not need to be sweet, but at McDonald's they are.

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mcdonalds is disgusting, gtfo of here fatty

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Don't you have some photos of fats to stare at and type how much you hate it?

Back to v/fatpeoplehate you go hypocrite.

Edit: whoops, made the fat-photo lovers mad below. They're too easy to troll

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who shills for mcdonalds on voat seriously.

they should call it mcjewnalds since it's run by jews like all of those other shitty chain restaurants

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