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We must resist the brown hordes and buck the parasitic Jewish class from our backs.

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That's really how large Africa is. They have enough space.

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Africa has 600 million hectares of arable land, America has 150.

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Time to take Africa. The weather is nicer.

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africa is even bigger.

but a 5th of it us the Sarah desert

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You have word autism

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I just had this convo today. Is every single African/middle easterner entitled to refugee status in Europe? Gumball YouTube video aside, does anyone have any concept of how many people that is? There's ~1.2 BILLION people in Africa alone. How many can come over? All? Half? 10m? Make a call. It's not zero because they are actively accepting them. Nobody in the EU is thinking things through, they're useful idiots for Israel

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I've been thinking about useful arguments to demonstrate this issue. And in truth the answer should be so few that they must assimilate.

There might be a good tipping point argument.

Start with the notion that "People make the country". This shouldn't be hard to convince. A simple argument of is Canada the way it is because of Canadians or because of the land (only very intelligent observers could make an argument for geography and even then they'd likely concede this point).

A new island appears and 1 million Chinese move there. Is that island Chinese? Add in 1 Million Americans. Now what is the island, American or Chinese? Is it a majority? What if one city has all 1 million Chinese and 200,000 Americans, but the rest of the island has 1 million more Americans. Is the City American or Chinese? What about 2 million chinese in a city and 1 million Americans on the island, is the island Chinese?

If they pose that the government determines it a simple statement that "The government is made by the people" shorts out that line of thought.

There could also be an anti-assimilation argument.

Any culture or place has values and traditions.

NYC and Texas have different values.

Assimilation is the adoption of elements and values of a new culture at least to the point of an absence of conflict. But in truth it's the complete abandonment of a previous culture and values.

Take an average person from NYC and Texas and swap them. Do you expect them to have conflicts in their new home based on these mismatched values and traditions? Or do you expect them to self-isolate and self-segregate from the greater community. Now add more people from NYC and Texas and swap them. By moving 10, 100 or 1000 people at once, do you expect them to abandon their previous lifestyle and culture or to band together and fight against the larger culture? And these are Americans moving around America. How can we expect foreigners speaking only a foreign language to abandon that language and community when we move them in mass.

The point is Assimilation is a individual's choice. A group will never choose to Assimilate. Even now in NYC there are places like little Italy and a Jewish quarter, when those people should have assimilated over several generations. But they remain self-segregated. They choose segregation and refuse integration.

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Assimilation is genocide.

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Same with something much smaller like Venezuela. It's 'only' 30-35 million people. Say we let them all come to America; would that improve the country, transform it for the better? Fuck no. It would turn it into the same shithole they left.

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Add a large funnel of money going from America to Israel in there, that would be more accurate.

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Or a flag of the USA in his hands... I was wondering where that was.

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Zogged flag. Time for a new ... Reich. A new thing. New Constitution. New path.

Let's go, boys!

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Jews gonna jew the whole world, but keep Israel 'pure', right?

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You goys need to stop with this racism and embrace diversity so that you can be enriched. Israel doesn't need diversity, though hahahahaha MIGA

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First the resources now the tribes

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Oy gevalt!

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