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Dissenter can be used in a lot of interesting ways:

Correcting Wikipedia articles. Go go go.

Archiving the text within articles on the article, itself.

Posting people's private pictures publicly on their social media pages.

Calling out frauds on politicians' pages. Go go go.

The idiots in media have provided you with an opportunity to take over the Internet because they are telling the Left to stay away from it. Seriously, get to it.

You can make "alt right" mainstream or "conservative" or whatever you want to call yourself. Labels are lame and this is a good opportunity to prove that.

Reddit's /r/politics? Already getting heavily hit. There is nothing the mods can do. If 10,000 people comment on their subreddit, you will see something happen. They WILL freak out.










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Can people without the app see the comments?

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You can see them without the app if you go directly to dissenter.com for the url you're looking at. Alternatively, you can install the addon/plugin to your browser and then NOT sign up for the service. You'll still be able to read other people's comments without going to dissenter.com directly but you won't be able to comment yourself unless you sign up.

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So basically nobody will ever see them. Neat

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I've seen well voated comments that question the questioning of gab and Dissenter because of who runs it, including these ones. I think most Voaters probably don't care though because it's more effort and Voat meets all our needs. Most of us don't want to go to other sites anyway, even if it had an uncensored comment section. I might check it out because posts like this have made it somewhat interesting, but I doubt I'll continue to use it.

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Because it's not the name, they're shadow banning jew criticism

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Whichever community adopts will own the opening gambit in the next big conversation.

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Ekrem Büyükkaya no longer works at Gab... 4chan must not be keeping up to date.

See: https://voat.co/v/whatever/3071988/17125418

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Your hard work is noted. Thank you for the many laughs you have given me after reading just two of these.

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There is nothing the mods can do.

There is something that reddit can do that would effectively prevent discussions (not comments, just discussions between people) on dissenter. I’m not sure if I should say what it is in case maybe I’d be giving them ideas.

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That’s a good point. I’m wondering if this is another reason voat hasn’t embraced dissenter? I’ve seen at least 5 threads in the past 48 hours on dissenter and all except this one have a negative comment as the top thread.

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It will happen. Maybe not on Reddit, but it I imagine we will be seeing the easiest solution soon. Sites can easily start generating personalized links for all of their content, so you've got a long key that no one else has.

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Something tells me it's a privacy nightmare waiting to happen and people will end up having their lives ruined over it.

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Even if it just logs IPs it would be enough to ruin your life if you started speaking unpopular truths.

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I made a dummy account to try it out. As it happens I used one of those temporary e-mail services, though it didn't send anything during account creation.

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If you run Linux, what you can do is create a separate account for dissenter. just

ssh -Y dissenter@localhost brave/firefox/chromium-browser

Then you have a separate instance of Brave/firefox/Chrome with dissenter running on it. Using a separate dissenter window where you can view and discuss these comments.
Set environment variables to use the VPN and it's fairly anonymous.

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You can talk shit on anyone's Facebook page, true or not.

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Yep and if you start speaking uncomfortable truths it will be sold to data brokers and used against you.

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I wonder if notabug.io tech could be applied to a dissenter-like plugin. That way it's open-source and decentralized. Hard to moderate and take down. A "final solution" to commenting, if you will.

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Yes and that is my intention. A disqus type plugin that can be enabled by web masters and likely plugins to enable the same for arbitrary urls. It's primarily a problem of scaling/traffic and that's why I've been very focused on performance with little movement on features lately.

I like the idea of dissenter but not a fan of the format, and it is not decentralized.

In practice notabug.io isn't right now (no-one else is really running peers yet because things are still changing a lot), but everything is designed to make that practical and worthwhile in the future.

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I like the idea of dissenter but not a fan of the format

How come? Too much white space?

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What does it take to run a peer? I am (maybe not right this second) interested in this. If this is a RTFM moment, then I’ll just kindly go fuck off

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Well it's kike central so hope you like that

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We wouldn’t be using reddit. We would be living in the dissenter comment section taking a shit on them that they couldn’t stop.

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What's the difference if only dissenter users can see it? You aren't spreading the truth to anyone else.

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Try commenting about Jews.

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Nothing will happen unless you're using the browser extension downloaded from the Jew run Chrome store. All other browser extensions are uncensored. You don't even have to use the extension on Chrome and so are not subject to the Google censorship.

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I didn't care for Gab, but Dissenter is the tits!

Guerrillamail works for registering, https://www.guerrillamail.com/

Don't forget, could still be honeypot where all our IP's and comments are "leaked" so we can be doxxed. Be careful out there faggots.

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I tone it down a bit, but it actually doesn't matter. They can't (((shut it down))).

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yea.. this shit is good... the fact that it has a login relation with gab is problematic

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The only issue is that we are circle jerking each other. We know they are evil, but we need normies to know they are evil.

I just wish that when I land on a webpage I can see a colorful alert that there is are dissenter comments going on that page.

Plus it'd be great to actually have a gab browser.

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If you get thousands of comments to the Holocaust Wikipedia page, people will start to notice.

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