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What size blade do you carry and where is the ideal stab location on an attacking dog?


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depends what I feel like carrying. usually it's about 5" blade, fixed, thick and hard enough to get through ribs without bending. Ideally you avoid the dog. Try to do some kind of bull fighting moves on it, and avoid striking around its head with the knife before it bites you. If it gets hold of your knife arm you might be in trouble, so if you are serious about stabbing it try to stab it somewhere it's jaws won't be an immediate threat. Your best bet is to sidestep and front kick the dog, until it latches on to you. If you're feeling aggressive and you just want to end that fucking dog, the owner is useless and isn't trying to control the dog while you're kicking it, you can try grabbing the dog by the scruff or collar with your free hand, the dog tries to go for your hand, you stab it in the neck/chest 2 or 3 times. Or if it jumps on you, the best thing you can do is block your throat with your free forearm and stab where able based on position. The advantage to stabbing vs beating a dog is most will realize when they're bleeding out, and no amount of toughness stops blood loss.

The one main thing I can say is just be ready, be calm. Know that you're about to kill a dog to defend yourself, commit to it. Think about the life altering injuries you can possibly sustain, even armed, think about the shitty owner that didn't train the dog, or bought a shitty dog, and is unable or unwilling to control it, or even gets kicks out of letting his bully dog bully people and animals. Temper that anger into resolve and kill that niggerdog. People and animals that attack others get put down. The fact it's a faggot dog puts so many people on the fence. If they fuck with me I kick them in the face or kill them. Fuck em


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OPs handle checks out. Would not fuck with this guy^