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[–] Doglegwarrior 3 points 7 points (+10|-3) ago 

My mastiff does not chase and kill cats.. ive let her walk up to them and they stand there ground and she freaka out. Pittbulls have a switch that most dogs raised around humans dont have. Ive witnessed it more then once living in san antonio we have a shit load of pitts. Pitts pitt fighting dogs bread to kill other dogs small animals what ever triggers them. I hate that term but from what i have seen it is some type of trigger and when it hits they dont stop.


[–] cyclops1771 1 point -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

You have to work with them to have verbal control greater than their "switch" as you say.

In gernal though, it is the blues that generally have that switch go off in a deadly manner.

If you have a dog like that, you DO need to know how to stop a dog - take out its back legs where it gets its leverage, where and how hard to place a swift "gettheirattention" kick, carry a stick that you can wallop them with if need be.

You own a very powerful dog that is bred to take down creatures larger than themselves AND to be "game" (ignore pain). You need to be responsible enough when taking these dogs out to either muzzle them or to have the tools and knowledge to get them back under control safely if you lose control of your dogs.

This situation here would not have been an issue if the lady would have muzzled them, since she obviously did not have the physical strength to control them.


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Agree 100 percent.. my dog is 120.. im 6 foot 2, 205 pounds if shit got crazy for some insane reasom i could literapy tackler her and stop her. That being said she is a gentle gentle big dog so literaly no worries.. ive seen the hind leg plan and if i saw some crazy dog attack from another dog i would know what to do.. if a pit attackdd my dog i would grab the back legs and kick the motherloving shit out of its genitals i hope my nice dog would turn vicious and help take the aggresive dog out but my big stupid nice dog would probably think it was a game.. her she is so u can see.


[–] Sheeitpost ago  (edited ago)

You've never experienced violence. You'd be losing consciousness by the time you "kicked its legs". I like the muzzle idea it should be law.


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Pittbulls have a switch that most dogs raised around humans dont have

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