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Imagine she goes walking the dogs by a playground.


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If you have the misfortune to live in a SJW-polluted neighborhood/town adjoining a notorious "diverse" area, there are always animal shelters run by old ladies, devoted to "saving" the pitbulls after the negroes who owned them before get tired of using them for dog-fighting, and throw the animals in dumpsters or toss them out of cars on the highway. The new trend among hipsterfaggots is adopting these damaged, untrained/badly trained dogs -- if they're missing an ear or a leg, even better -- and ostentatiously parading them around town unmuzzled, to get praise and pats from other fucking hipsterfaggots who act like it's a poodle. "Oh wow, look at your rescue dog!! So cool!!" Puke.


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You couldn't either, internet pussy.

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