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These dogs ought to be killed, as should their piece of shit owner.


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I used to go walking along a trail near a dog park (I love dogs) until I had to stab a few dogs there within a few days of each other. It was in the news, so I just avoid the area now. It's amazing to see how fast the disposition of the owners changes once they see you aren't scared and have a knife. They go from this smug 'my dog will bite you, better watch out, oops it overpowered me...' mentality to extreme panic. They knew no one was around, so they tried to bully someone with their scary dog. Nowadays if someone intentionally walks their dog near me and it starts growling, trying to lunge etc I just pull my knife out and try to kick the dogs face. These people can either train their dogs, walk their aggressive dogs away from people and animals, or not walk their dog if they're not strong enough. If a dog is aggressive I have absolutely no qualms about putting it down. I can defend myself. Smaller animals and children cannot. I'd rather deal with it than be a coward and let someone else deal with it.


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What size blade do you carry and where is the ideal stab location on an attacking dog?

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I own a cat for mousing. It needs outdoor access.


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Well you could always not LET YOUR FUCKING CUT OUTSIDE!


[–] IGiveZeroFucks ago 

Live on TV.