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Jesus is Satan. Muhammad is Beelzebub. The Jewish God is God.

It's time to ban any and all forms of blasphemy against the Jewish God. "Religious freedom" is fucking bullshit because all religions other than Judaism are fucking bullshit.

A homophobic heterosexual Arab Muslim man from Syria or Pakistan is no less white than a homophobic heterosexual white woman from Alabama or Mississippi. Neither are human. Both are threats to the long-term survival of the human race. If you are not gay, black, and Jewish, then you are not human. Period.

There's no such thing as anti-Christian or anti-Muslim bigotry because blasphemers against the Jewish God are not human and are not entitled to human rights. Anti-Jewish anti-gay anti-black bigots deserve to get back everything they give and a whole lot more. Only gays, Jews, and black people are people so only we deserve human rights. Heil Nell Carter! She became a Jew because the goyim in the church she was raised in blamed her for the breeder goy son of a bitch who raped her and got her pregnant with her daughter Tracy. She chose the chosen people because she knew the Jews were and are right. The fifteen years since her death has proved that conclusively beyond any and all reasonable doubt. Accept her as your Lord and Savior and renounce any and all form of heterosexual perversion, or you will be destroyed and retroactively erased from existence as if you never lived at all.


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The Torah does not refer to the Talmud, what are you talking about? Hell, it doesn’t even refer to the entire Tanakh. That’s like saying when someone says “the Gospels” they are referring to Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica.

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Nobody can ever accuse the goyim of intellectual consistency, or intellectual anything unless you count the inherent anti-intellectualism of blasphemy against the Jewish God.