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And just like that, Britain's got its own Right Wing Death Squads!

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It's about damn time!

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they'll just get rid of everyone in the military then to make sure they get them all, then fill the ranks with sub humans.

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Even better. Muslims can't even blow themselves up reliably. I can't imagine them trying to clear a room or secure a perimeter.

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That would put them in a bit of a dilemma, as they can't afford to have Russia laugh at their military.

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That's a win win. Easy to take over the country when it's guarded by retards.

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Forget death squads, they need death platoons backed by artillery support and armored bulldozers.

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I'm sure a couple signals officers will defect for the artillery. As for the armored bulldozers though, I think that sort of legend is once a century. We aren't due another madman like that for quite some time.

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The Killdozer!

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Ive met incredibly white cucked brits, im almost divided in feeling sorry.

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Many of them have a serf mentality. "The bobbies will take care of that".

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Ive met fed up brits who were reluctant to speak out initially. They exist and are pissed off.

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The NWO is fucked and they are pulling out all their cards because they are losing so badly. It won't end well for them.

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From the small number of white only support he's had, they might be the minority

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White excellence extends to combat.

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Looks like the military is on Tommy side. Godspeed.

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No ruling class can stand without the military.

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That's true! Sad part is (and this needs to change) that no military can stand without the money that is supplied by the ruling class.

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The UK really doesn't need a military. They have the US.

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I haven't been following this to the detail, Tommy Robinson was with some Soldiers and now the Royal Army wants to discharge them from the Army? Now the Soldiers are standing by their Brothers?

Did I get that correct?

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Yes. Soldiers are contacting Tommy and inviting him to their bases.

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So, when they do that, the Royal Army wants to remove the Soldiers that do?

Thank you,

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All soldiers in photo had their phones confiscated and searched and we're put under disciplinary protocols. One soldier is to be dishonorably discharged. It was a photo.

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They're making an example of him to stifle support

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Thanks that is seriously messed up. Was a message expressed that they could not fraternize with him. I understand military culture and protocol.

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On what basis? Is there some army regulation that forbids photos with representatives of political parties?

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In this photo? You can't see their faces...

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It's win-win. You either make it explicitly acceptable to have your photo taken with someone or you get kicked out of an enemy force.

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I think one had a photo taken w Tommy and was discharged.

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Looks like its jolly time for an old fashion military coupe. Are ther still men in Britain?

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Why would you post a pic of an empty parking space?

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You could fit more soldiers in a sedan.

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Get em get em get em

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Heh. Brits will have to fight a crusade on their own soil. Well, at least they're not speaking German if you sieg what I mean...

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Speaking german would be massively preferable.

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So now the U.K. is alienating white Brits who who defend their society, their culture, and their women from all of the garbage Theresa May has imported.

The U.K. has ended, and it did not end well.

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No, this isn't the end. This isn't even the beginning. But perhaps it is the end of the beginning.

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read what you just wrote back

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Or the beginning of the beginning.

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It is not to late.

The people might still awaken and swarm the streets and aggressively protect themselves from the criminals who have taken advantage of their largesse.

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The military in the states was forced to act to purge the Globalists. Now it appears the military in England may be about to do the same thing.

A most welcome development.

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