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People that are anti war were also banned.

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It's already been and just getting more so, of a jew paradise echo chamber. They dont even realize that 9/10 times they are agreeing with some IDF wannabe "cyber warrior" who is posting pro Israel propaganda on fb, to get a free college pass.

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This is why Facebook will die. Slowly at first but it will become another MySpace soon enough.

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In the end, the Internet will interpret censorship as a defect and route around it.

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I hope Mark ends up really fucked up like Mcafee broke on some Belize beach cracked out with government kangaroo courts gunning for him someday.

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It has been dying for 5 years now. It's popular among the elderly in first world countries, and among idiots in third world countries.

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Fakebook. Who cares? Nobody with an ounce of sense.

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If a tree falls in a forest fire, am I any less far away?

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Think of the saplings you horrible monster

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not caring about the 6 million miles of mycellium

Wow, the anti-fungisites on this site amaze me.

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Sure, if the tree falls towards you.

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Deplatforming works, sadly.
Unless everyone is aware of this censorship, this is a loss for the conservative side.

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Trump has indicated he's aware of this, he needs to go harder on it. It would involve Sessions doing his fucking job, which we all know is not going to happen.

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Jesus Christ, Sessions is a worthless pile of shit. The faggot Qoomers love him though.

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They also censor channels and FB pages making people aware. ((( MSM ))) on either side of the aisle sure isn’t going to help with awareness. I wonder if Tucker talks about this stuff?

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Canceled fb the moment they banned AJ.

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They were using AJ as a test for more purges so reaction was good.

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