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I see you"re doing your usual vote manipulation. You know it sicks out like a sore thumb when all the other posts from within 10-15 minutes of yours have one or two votes and your has 20. @puttitout @Cynabuns

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Please keep up the good work. People will listen to you. Every time I have tried to point out this exact same thing that you are pointing out I have been downvoted out of existence.

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I'm not going to loose any sleep over it, it's just fun to point it out so anyone else on Voat at the time can see what I mean and wonder why OP isn't able to reply. I guess it's a shaming technique. Fuck.

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How is the weather in Israel, rabbi?

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Wait what?

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The Space Monkey ran off with the tub of jam.

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That only works if I eat there. Since I don't, me boycotting it is just normal routine for me.

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Shut her down boys, we have a winner!

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We have a local place that subs are a buck more and about 3 times as much meat in them, plus if you want it hot it is hot not burned bread. haven't been there by my choice since I found out about them.

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Exactly. I have two local sub shops near me that make amazing sandwiches. A little bit more expensive but the service is more than expected. They make it enjoyable to eat there, not to walk in on someone changing a diaper.

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I don’t blame the Muslims as much as the corporations that keep caving at every silly demand from every conceivable group of people. These groups are just like children, if you tell them no, and stick to your guns, they will stop with their increasingly ridiculous demands. Everybody keeps giving in so these groups keep issuing demands.

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Seriously it doesn't even smell like fucking food in there...I thought the word had been out on their "bread" for a long time and their "chicken" for almost as long

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Find a local soup and sandwhich shop.

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Who the hell downvotes "find a local soup and sandwich shop."

Subway jared is that you?

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Not to mention tests on their chicken showed it was half soy filling.

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The CBC ran a story back in Feb 2017 that the Subway chicken they tested was 50% soy. Subway made sad noises, then sued. Ultimately the matter is grinding through the court system to Lord knows what end.

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Grilled chicken at a lot of restaurants is like that. If you see those soaking precooked patties with the fake grill marks it's probably as chicken as McNuggets.

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Or just stop eating sandwiches because bread is terrible for you anyways. Some sort of protein with spinach, kale, and red onion is my go to lunch.

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That's because bread is made with 4 ingredients: salt, flour, water, and yeast. What they make is a chem-loaf of crap.

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Probably didn't contain any pork to begin with.

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You're not wrong--Out of curiosity I just went and looked at their US online menu...the combo sandwiches, for instance, say things like "Features ham, salami, and bologna (all turkey based)"?!? So it looks like they're already stealth-removing pork from their offerings anyway! Fuck them.

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Already boycotted for selling terrible food.

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I boycotted that shit show years ago. For some reason I find subway disgusting.

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Subway is disgusting cant believe people eat there.

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From 2014. It's probably half of them by now.

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