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Even niggers can’t stand niggers.

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Why do you think they kill each other in unprecedented numbers all over the planet.

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they're the ones who spend the most time around each other, so they know everything jewish media says about them is a lie. whereas many whites still think The Cosby Show is an accurate depiction of blacks.

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Hell, the Cosby show wasn’t even an accurate depiction of Cosby.

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Kind of the reason they are riding Soros banana boats to white countries. Same thing with spics, they flee other spics to live among white people and then complain about white people. Mud skins are simply to stupid to live in modern white society. They must ALL go back.

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The only thing niggers get right is that their women are ugly whores.

They still need to stick with them though, coalburning should be illegal.

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"black guy"... What's that? Don't you mean, "nigger?"

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"No. No. No. Don't you see? We can ignore millions of years of evolution and hard genetic science by putting one of those based colored gentlemen in a Trump hat!

With the addition of this one garment and perhaps a single vaugly center-right opinion they immediately stop being 60 IQ apes and become people just like us! Reality and facts are racist, if you don't like our based black guys then you're a fascist Liberal squeak"


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There are no magic negros.

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She looks like an orc

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she looks like Mike Tyson

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And the name of that black guy? Basedbert Blackenstein.

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This nigger spoke the truth.