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hahahaha. These idiots live in an fantasy world. Very delusional. All they can say is eff you and fascist. They are lucky they are being taken down by liberal city cops.

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They're rich kids who live in a bubble. They know nothing of the real world. That meme about good times create weak people is true. These little rich fucks don't know what a hard days work is. They don't live around minorities because their gated jew neighborhoods are tightly controlled. If they do get a family of blacks in their community they are fucking vetted. They have to be house niggers.

I think people like this should have their jobs taken and let them fall on hard times for a few years. I bet you see a major change in their thinking when their asses have to roll pennies for gas money. When they barely have enough money at payday to pay the mortgage. When black crime is all around them and it isn't safe to walk anywhere.

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Tard Girl: You Fucking Nazi!

Police Officer: [Unintelligible]

Tard Girl: You say Thank You to being a Nazi? Oh My God! He just said Thank You to being called a Nazi! OH MY GOD!!

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I need to be a cop now.

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Video recap:

Takes over 2 minutes to realize filming vertical.



"blah Nazi blah"

Repeat above for 6 minutes.

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Yep, welcome to equality.

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I was thinking ---- well show me a woman and I'll treat her like one, but you're an animal, so I treat you like one.

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Those cops have so much patience. I would have broken some heads open

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Here, hold this taser.

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It's a mix of projection and trying to hurt their feelings. It's like calling one of us a racist; oh no, please don't put a communist label on me!

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Brain-dead dumbasses.

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This shit is happening more and more

It gives me such erections. Swear to god it's better than any porn

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I thought I was the only one in the room sporting a chub

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