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I can't say I really care too much about sports, but I'm really hoping Croatia wins. A white soccer team winning the World Cup would be great news for the salt mining industry.

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Actually the last 3 winners have been teams of mostly white players. Sure is nice. Hope it can be 4 straight.

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To be fair, she plays both sides. Altough she has been very critical of the Croatian Prime Minister (EU bitch), she is doing her best to be buddy buddy with all sides. The fact that the Eurocucks in Croatian gov have been attacking her for any little thing gives me hope she is a good person. Hopefully she gets reelected but sadly, Croatian presidents have so little power, they cant do shit other then call meetings and criticize politics, the latter she rarely does and when she does it, the media goes full damage control to shame her for spreading negativity (kek).

I believe she will be re-elected, got a lot of political points from attacking the PM and putting the demographic problem into the media spotlight. Croatia has cca 4.5mil population, as of 2015 or 2016, today the realistic number is less then 4 mil, according to German data (300-400k people moved there in the last few years, this does not include those that moved to Ireland, UK and other EU countries).

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I'm surprised one of the mtf trans idiots haven't posted yet.

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Those morons think every well dressed woman is a tranny.

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They’re all the same guy.

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And their nations leader is a total MILF that wants Trump's cock.

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The way she stares at Trump, it's very clear that the European soyboys stand no chance against our Alpha prez.

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thats not a brag, thats seeking to join the leader of the biggest israeli province.

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I've always supported England. I even considered one black in the team acceptable; it gave the team a touch of colour. Now four of them, between blacks and mongrels, that's ridiculous. That's not England any more. I'm happy they got knocked out.

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When is the last time you've been to England? There are a ton of blacks and East Indians there now. Might not like it, but that's the way it is. I'm opposed to letting in more migrants and immigrants, but bitching about the existing ones there who've had family there for decades, maybe even a century, is asinine.

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EVERY single non white that's immigrated to any european / white country in the past 10-15 years needs to leave.

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The last time I've been to England? A second ago.

Blacks here for a century? Like in 1918? There were a handful of them in the country.

Even if you want to accept England as it is at the moment, 30-40% is not representative of current levels of non-indigenous population, so I'm still right to say that team isn't the real England. And the day the non-indigenous population actually becomes 30-40%, I'll stop supporting England anyway. I may support Poland instead. A country is just a name. It can be created or destroyed with the stroke of a pen. The white race is the product of millions of years of evolution. Race > country.

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It doesn't matter even if they have been there millennia. Niggers cannot assimilate into white society or vice-versa. And mixing just makes mongrels.

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Start of the World Cup, Voat is all "Oh soccer, its boring!" Then 4 European countries make the semis and suddenly people are interested!

France's three most important players have been Griezmann, Giroud and Varane (Algerian). Mpabbe, their upcoming star is half-Algerian.

If Croatia win, it will be a huge underdog story. Either way, its been a great tournament!

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Fuck France.

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Right in the pussy!

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Underdog story? Croatia has a lot of quality players both in the starting team and on the bench.

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Griezmann > Rebic

Mbappe = Perisic (but Mbappe is faster)

Giroud = Mandzukic

Matuidi > Brozovic (marginal)

Pogba < Modric (but physically and in the air, Pogba is better)

Kante = Rakitic (although Kante is the better athlete, Rakitic is the better technician)

Pavard < Vrsaljko (Vrsaljko had a great game against England)

Hernandez > Strinic (Croatia's weakest player)

Varane > Lovren

Umtiti > Vida

Lloris > Subasic

Croatia has a technical edge, France has the physical edge, more pace and better defense. Kovacic and Kramaric are decent options off the bench. It is a massive underdog story because they don't have a history in the competition, no one expected them to go this far, France has won it before, and Croatia has a population of 4.1m, whereas France has recruited players from Mali, Algeria, Guinea, Cameroon...

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The only European team left after Russia's exit... France is basically the African Union and I hope Croatia takes it, as do almost all the people I know. The Africans that stayed home to try and fix our shithole countries are not fans of unbridled immigration neither do we think fucking up Europe is a good idea, why race to the bottom when we can be building upwards and all have very well developed, rich, nationalistic and unique countries? We should visit and enjoy European culture, we shouldn't move in and destroy it.

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All whites against the "French" team (more than 60% niggers)

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