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Teachers are there to teach, reading, writing and maths, not how Michael should pretend to be Michelle or the best way to use Vaseline whilst playing Arse Pirate. The Teacher has every right to refuse to be coerced or forced to do something against his beliefs. As per usual freedom of speech is ok as long as it is pushes degenerate behavior

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you have homosexuals forced to resign because they have pictures of their boyfriends/girlfriends on their desk. Then you have this guy forced to resign because he refuses to feed into a mental disorder. But you have the projectivists controlling psychology so it is not being labeled as a mental disorder and instead is being labeled as a normal state of mind.

All of this wouldn't matter if teachers were not teaching sex ed or indoctrinating children. What's so hard about just teaching math, science, history, music, and art without having to make it about sex?

I mean I know in biology it will have to be discussed, however there is no reason to go beyond the x and y chromosomal understanding of gender and wander into theoretical territory.

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if they did what you say parents would have to step up and talk sex with their kids and take responsibility for preparing them for something that could impact the rest of their lives, do you really want to push responsibility for kids onto parents? what did they ever do to deserve having that sort of weight put on their shoulders? How would they even know when or how to best bring the subject up with their kids?

In case anyone really missed it /s

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This is worse than a Muslim invasion.