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HR only exists to protect the company from lawsuits. If you do not have a recording of what was said and if enough people can be pursuaded to not corroborate what you heard then you will become the problem that they will remove to protect the company.


[–] Muh-Shugana 1 point 56 points (+57|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Seriously, OP doesn't understand that HR is the HIVE of the '''yet another filthy white''' people.

It would be like walking into the lion's den and telling them you're ready for dinner.

To be frank, the fact that we're all tired of living like this is why so many voted for trump, there was no real legal alternative.


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If you have a recording, are in a one-party recording state, and don't mind losing your job, share it publicly. This will do the most damage.


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Agreed, if OP doesn't think HR isn't part of the SJW/Marxist hive then he's in for a surprise. You have to record all this shit.


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On the lower rungs, keep your head down, keep your voice down and listen.


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HR is the reason these people exist.


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Ding fuckin ding. Expect that if you come forward that your web browsing history will be examined -email history, interoffice chat history,, etc etc. They will look for anything they can find. If you've been smart, you might be ok, but if you're the average Joe off the street you've probably said something slightly off color in some 1 on 1 conversation at some point in your history with the company and this will be used against you. I see 20-somethings with everything under the sun on their screens or on their phones while they use office wifi. I worked in IT. I've been the guy that has to do this kind of investigation. It takes a very long time, but unless you're squeaky fucking clean they will find something.

Now even assuming they don't, you'll never be up for promotion and your raises will be around 3% a year if you're lucky.

Conservatives are barely different from a homosexual living in the 50's. Let the wrong people know and you're done economically and socially.

This all depends on the company of course, but you admit to living in a commie hell hole so proceed with caution.

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[–] FreshConduit ago 

Commie hell is commiefornia. commieparaidse is venezuela. Where the undesirables starve to death! GENOCIDE NOW!


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This is true. You have to 4D chess it if you want to have a chance, and move the goalposts a bit and get them to accidentally concede that they said that quote, or else it'll just be denied.


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if you want to do this right, document EVERYTHING, NOW. All the names. What was said, everything.

Find a non jew lawyer.

if actually call the Google lawyer for that dude who got booted for writing conservative shit. You can file anonymously through him.

burn the fucking place down.