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Lift, train and be prepared.


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and carry a gun


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That should go without saying in the US. If you don't have a CC and a rifle you're in trouble.


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I've said this before and I'll say this again. White people are the most patient people on the planet, however they have a breaking point. Whatever you do, you do not want to hit that breaking point. Once it's hit there is no going back, and whatever their goal is it will be met. White people don't fuck around with their goals because they chose them and have the foresight to imagine what will happen once those goals are met. Niggers on the other hand don't have the capability for abstract thought, and are therefore are unable to think past whatever goal they have set for themselves. For example, there are plenty of BLM supporters that say they want white people gone. The logical solution to this demand is to move back to one of many African nations that have no white people, but that's not good enough, they want whitey out of the USA.

OK, if whites instantly vanished out of the USA you'd be left with kikes, wetbacks, and niggers. The government would almost immediately collapse in on itself due to lack of funding and those gibs would be in danger. The kikes would start printing money like crazy in an attempt to prevent collapse, but all that would do is cause hyperinflation. The US would quickly devolve into Zimbabwe in every aspect. Sure, some niggers might move into mansions, but when the toilets and power stop working they'll be no better off than their african brothers. Food would soon become an issue. Sure, the spicks know how to farm, but they have no god damn clue how to orchestrate the distribution. They would end up with tons of food and no one to eat it. Small pockets of the country are fed, and the rest goes hungry. Massive nigger famine across the continent.

At the end of the day the spicks might be smart enough to realize how fucking terrible it is without whitey running the show, the dumb niggers are going to wonder why they didn't all automatically become kangz when the "white oppressor" is gone, and the kikes are just going to flee to kikeland (israel). Niggers starve to death, the end.


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That was fucking beautiful


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White people are the most patient people on the planet,

And they'll tell you that you're pushing them towards it. They might tell you calmly, using descriptive words. Take these seriously. Don't brush them off or yell back at them. They might calmly take this, and you might think that you've dealt with it. You haven't.

however they have a breaking point.



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They might tell you calmly, using descriptive words. Take these seriously

You must know my father.

This is exactly what happened when three niggers walked on our lawn. They tried to take my football, I was twelve or thirteen at the time. Guys surrounded me, looked to be maybe five or six years older, skinny except for the middle guy who had some meat to him. "Give me that ball. Why you being greedy whitey." He tried to snatch the football from my hand and I pulled away.

I wasn't giving it to him. I'd dealt with blacks before. They got closer in their little circle.

My dad came out "Whats going on?"

"Oh, we was just playin'. Why yo boy dont share fo?"

My dads eyebrows shot up. "No, you need to go. No one invited you. Don't be coming up on others property."

The nigger pursed his lips and made a sound of contempt, waited a moment, and walked toward my dad, started right up with cussing and hollaring, his buddies close behind.

My dad told em to leave. They kept at it. My dad told em to leave or he'd call the cops.

"Nigga, please, ain't afraid of no cops. You and yo kid are just a bunch of little bitches, call the cops! Fwhh! Whatcha mean faggot ass bitch." etc, etc.

My dad shot back with "I'll kick your ass if you don't leave. You're gonna get it."

Niggeer just comes back with "Takin on tuffa niggas than you, gonna be a white chalk outline bitch, gonna get my glock and come back here muffucka. You wanna fight, lets go." And begins taking his shirt off.

My dad, to his credit immediately calmed down, which was odd by itself because he was an alcoholic with a violent temper. His sudden calmness scared the shit out of me, like he had suddenly decided something and all was right again.

He walked inside for a moment as the nigger continued to talk shit. "Yeah and afta we done with him we gonna ice you too cracka ass bitch." Moments later my dad returned, calm as quiet as death, baseball bat in hand.

The ringleader got in my fathers face, "oh you gonna use that nigga? Nigga please? Honky ass little bitch, white cracker asshole.."

And all I hear is my dad mumble "I warned you", at the same time as the sound of something popping.

The nigger had just started to swing his fist too. Fell to the ground screaming.

Turns out the sound of that popping noise was the guys kneecap. Thats the first time I heard the sound of a kneecap hit with a heavy object. I remember it vividly, and the screaming too.

The other guys started to book it, when my dad grabbed one of them by the back of the shirt, and tossed him to the ground. He shouted 'no!', and put his hands up, right as the bat came down hard. All I heard was more screaming and and CRACK. I believe it was the skinny niggers ribs.

Somehow the other guy got up, all fucked to hell and THWAPPED my dad in the back of the head. My dad just turned around and SWING BATTER BATTER'd the guy right in the other leg. Guy went down screaming "my leg! why u do diss! we wasn't doing nuffin!"

The first guy got up and ran, all fucked up, got hit by a car crossing the street. And in the few seconds all of this took, my dad booked it after the third guy who was standing across the road behind a building, yelling shit. I don't know what was going on in that guys head but he didn't run. He waited as my dad came towards him. Maybe the nigger was frozen like a skinny ass deer in the headlights. Doesn't matter. Because just as my dad came up on him, he jumped back and realized his fucking mistake, dodged a second swing from the bat, and then tried to climb in a dumpster.

And as he was flopping into the dumpster my dad brought the bat over his head, with all the force of a drunk irishmen breaking rocks with a sledgehammer, and THWAMPED that dumb nigger right on his hard stony ass as he was falling into the dumpster.

About 15 minutes after we called, the police arrived, along with the emt. The one guy with cracked ribs was getting carted away, and his two buddies had long vanished. Niggers apparently can take a beating and keep running. The one guy was charged with trespassing, attempted assault, and theft, the poor dumb motherfucker.

I was twelve or thirteen years old at the time but I'll never forget what happened. Dryden said "beware the fury of a patient man."


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This is what happens when a single white man is pushed beyond the breaking point. Now imagine what happens when they're collectively pushed beyond their breaking point, you end up with world wars.



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Easy way to finish the coming race war as soon as it starts.

Drive a fleet of remote controlled police cars with dummys in them near their front lines and park them. They wont be able to resist nigging out and break ranks to destroy them. Then you just snipe them off one by one for the next week or so.

Or this...

'Cannon all set up and ready to fire sah!'

'Artillery batallion ready? 5 rounds each, indirect fire, on my command.... LOAD JOB APPLICATIONS.... AIM.... FIRE!'


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I hope we "chimp out" on a large scale sometime soon- BEFORE we are bred into a minority and enslaved by savages, preferably.


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they know this about us it's why they chose the racemixing with lowiq strategy.


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We're almost there. Almost there. The future will be glorious.


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lets get this party started


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The last one were the Jews that stole the nuke from Germany to murder the Samurai.


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Didn't a Jew create the atomic bomb?


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It was mostly German research.

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