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BPA, Soy, Pissbucks, skinny jeans, hipsters, post-modernism indoctrination in Universities, lack of exercise, fluoridated water, anti-depressants, giving ADHD medication to young children, High fructose corn syrup (HFCS), bad diet, and bad parenting.

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ADHD meds aka meth does not produce a body like this. Estrogen and testosterone deficiency is how this happens.

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Adderall and Ritalin are not meth, most adhd meds are not meth. Desoxyn is meth.

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ADHD meds aka meth does not produce a body like this. Estrogen and testosterone deficiency is how this happens.

Chronic (even low doses like "ADHD" "meds") use of amphetamines means chronic elevation of cortisol, therefore testosterone deficiency as both of those hormones use the same precursors and cortisol has priority to use the resources.

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Also estrogen and progesterone in city water. Treatment plants are completely ineffective at removing it, so it concentrates over time (as do drugs and drug metabolites). If you live in a city and you're drinking, cooking with or bathing in water that hasn't been filtered by reverse osmosis or better, you're ingesting or inhaling female sex hormones (and drugs and drug byproducts).

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estrogen and progesterone in city water

Eh? You're saying water comes with these in it already, like minerals?

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and never lifting anything in your life

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Apparently the sum total of all those things is an extra x-chromosome.

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Soy, BPA, and baby formula.

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Don't forget the high fructose corn syrup drinks.

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Yes, that's very important for development of the fat right around the waste. If you want a woman's body, you MUST accumulate below the belly button to widen the hips. This guy has got it going on.

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I was adopted at birth and I was formula fed from bpa plastic bottles and o don't look like that faggot...

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And some pack-a-day smokers live long, healthy lives.

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Good genes! But if that guy stopped all of it he'd probably be able to turn it around too.

Edit: And soy is the most important factor by far.

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Glad my kids were breastfed.

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Unfortunately, they were breastfed by a jew.

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That's obviously a female cosplaying as a male

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he probably got fat during teen years when all hormone levels are elevated. elevated estrogen + fat = lady hips and moobs

aggravate that with hormone mimicking chemicals like phytoestrogens (from soy) and you get this faggot

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That is a woman. The hips don't lie.

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I think it's a woman. Index finger is longer than ring finger. Hips seem wider than the shoulders. Q angle also indicates female. Don't just look at the beard.

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Hormones. Lots and lots of hormones.

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Sedentary lifestyle causes obesity. Obesity messes with your hormonal profile, lowering available T. Low T combined with a diet high in xenoestrogens (soy) causes gyno, feminine bodyfat distribution.

BPA is all well and good, but soy is a more potent xenoestrogen by ridiculous orders of magnitude, and its not found in vaguely trace amounts in food but actively added to a wide range of products.

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