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You think was good twenty years ago, you should have seen it forty years ago.

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Think it was good forty years ago? You should have seen it 100 years ago, before the (((federal reserve))) fucked it all up.

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Go to a movie for a nickel. A dime purchased bread, milk and eggs.

No internet, indoor plumbing is unlikely, electricity is only in the cities, roads are two dirt ruts outside of cities and major routes. Then there's medicine...

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You think it was good 100 years ago? You should have seen it back before we made the mistake of taking niggers out of Africa

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December 23 1913... The day the freedom of U.S. citizens died.

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100 years ago

There's video of it too

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Yeah, 1978. We were just coming out of that near civil war known as The Days of Rage.

“People have completely forgotten that in 1972 we had over nineteen hundred domestic bombings in the United States.” — Max Noel, FBI (ret.)

But gas was like 27 cents. (1970 & 1/2 Z-28 - bored 40 over, balanced, blueprinted, etc FTW) And you could buy gas now! For you keeeds, there was a time in the '70s when gas was rarely available.

Also, I could walk across my college campus with my AR-15 in my hands and no one thought anything about it. Did my English class "speech" on disassembly and reassembly of the AR-15. Imagine people being that much less insane back then...

Oh, and no AIDS. But plenty of pubic hair. (Is hair pie even still a thing?)

My housemate bought one of those fancy new "calculators" that could add, subtract, divide, and multiply. $200, and it even had an electronic display for the result! No paper printout!

No one back then would have believed our society could become this hellish. "Wait, you're saying people won't talk to each other, but send electronic messages instead? Pffffft, Good night, John-boy"

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1998 was a good time in Philadelphia? What are you smoking? Temple in Philly had the largest non-governmental security force on the fucking planet at the time. Gentrification wasn't even a thing, offshoring was in full swing along with NAFTA getting rolling along with the WTO ensuring our jobs were being shipped out as fast as they could be.

Seriously, what rose tinted glasses.

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Thank you for a touch of sanity.

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I've never taken my shoes off in the airport.

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Ah, yes, 1998 was better, then, as long as you can wear shoes!

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I watched mine get rejuvenated. Even now we're reclaiming some of the shittiest cities from uneducated thugs.

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Entropy is a bitch

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Who is John Galt?

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USA is played, the tv radio may talk of Russia but there are many other powers, behind the Fed and manipulating war and controlling the Media. The British/French European bunch the original Royal globalists with connection across Europe and Latin America and the world, they run talking head talk point shows...John Oliver, Hollyweird propaganda, Piers Morgan...next the Saudi, moslems got in their after Nixon took the USA off the Dollar Gold Standard, jihad, war monger pedophile prophet, islamist refugee invasion and the Jewish...crazy rightwing religious Zionist and why does nobody talk of a Globalist Leftwing Jew Lobby pulling the strings? is it forbidden to talk about these Lobbyist Jews??

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Back when niggers tried to act White. Now we have the White kids idolizing niggers.

Life was much better before.

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How about we just have no blacks?

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need more rope and a bounty for each nigger hung for any progress to be made.

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20 years ago niggers weren't trying to act white. 2pac and Icecube were being blared everywhere and their albums were overwhelmingly being purchased by young white suburbanites...

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I was thinking of the 80's. I'm old.

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by young white asian suburbanites...

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And the worst part of all - 9/11 was an inside job.

My greatest lesson in humanity in this lifetime was when nothing was ever done about that.

Cognitive dissonance.

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were the gender and race relations better 20 years ago?

sure feels like they were better

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No...race relations have been exactly the same for the past 50 years (from what I've seen)...

50 years ago it was the same business with black Power, the left wing marching against the government....It was the Baby Boomers who were the hippies in those days....And then they got married, started working,,,and realized "Hey, what else can we do for these people...?"...So, after 50 years of open enrollment at the colleges, remedial classes, quotas, welfare benefits, grants, social programs etc....The ghettos are still pretty much ghettos....(except where there is gentrification...then the ghettos move...).

As far as gender...IN the years past, no one really flaunted their sexual preferences...No one really gave a fuck about everyone else's sex life...we only cared about our own...And apparently the gay community still does not get that...We don't give a fuck about their sex life...If someone is so focused on their sex life, maybe they are nuts...

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As far as gender...IN the years past, no one really flaunted their sexual preferences...No one really gave a fuck about everyone else's sex life...we only cared about our own...And apparently the gay community still does not get that...We don't give a fuck about their sex life...If someone is so focused on their sex life, maybe they are nuts...

That! SOOOO much that! The pride parades need to be stopped, not because of homophobia, but out of decency. Their time has passed and sex needs to return to what is discussed and done between the adults partaking in the action in their home(s).

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if they want the right to wear a bdsm leather costume in public where kids can see them, then i demand the right to wear a bright red massive codpeice like in the middle ages to show how big my dick is and so that all the bitches know.

fairs fair if were all flaunting it, isnt it?

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The 1% stoked racial tensions in order to distract the people from the incredible shift in power taking place.

International corporations have already superceded many nation states in power and wealth.

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Black people used to be able to take a joke.

Although that's more like 40 years back to be fair.

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I don't care who you are, that shit's funny, I tell you hwat.

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I'd say yes. I get random comments from black people now about slavery and shit like they're still oppressed and victims in the same way their ancestors were. There were always black people that played the victim card and others that denied this bullshit and tried to be productive members of society, but now it seems like everyone's bought into the victim game. And I know whites didn't feel like 2nd class citizens 20 years ago.

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I would absolutely agree. 80s early 90s we were just fine, gays were NOT getting bashed, blacks were NOT getting bashed, women WERE in the workplace, and nobody was telling them they should be in the kitchen.

Sadly we let the fucking shit elements keep stirring and re-defining shit until we have what we have now, where 'Diversity' means black hair black skin brown eyes and female, and 'equality' means open blatant discrimination against white males simply because theyre white males, and 'racism' means 'saying no to a non white/saying a word that a non white doesnt like/pointing out inequality/holding minorities responsible for their own actions'

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I, for one, do not feel like a second class citizen at anytime.

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20 years ago the airlines controlled their own security and it was in their best interest to stop terrorist attacks so they wouldn't be sued.

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30 years ago we smoked on airplanes.


Take that TSA. I lit a fucking cigarette with a bic lighter IN FLIGHT and we didn't blow the fuck up, the plane didn't make an immediate nose dive or did the cabin depressurize. I made fire on a jet airliner and no one even blinked.

Has air travel all of a sudden become so unsafe in the past 30 years? Are we actually going backward with technology? Tell me. Tell me it isn't just as safe to light up now as it was then and I'll call you the moron that you are.

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It's never been about safety. It's always been about controlling the people's ability to travel as well as mass surveillance. Same thing with societies going cashless so that certain peoples financial accounts can be shut off in an instant. All of the removal of human rights and freedoms going on on a global scale is all done with the ultimate end goal of enforcing Sunday* observance globally. It'll basically be a return to the middle ages when the satanic Catholic Church ruled the world, the only difference is increase of knowledge** such as technological advancements.

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." (Rev 13:16-17)

*What is the mark of the beast?

**"But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased." (Dan 12:4)

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Exactly. This was all predicted. The Bible is always proven true. We win in the end.

[–] jizzswizzler 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago  (edited ago)

yeah bud, thats exactly what it is. totally. it was totally fine when you could walk on a plane and blow it the fuck up, because at least you could have a ciggy before you started waving your gun around and working out who the jews were in the plane.

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As @altaccount4 said; it's never been about safety. The shit I could do on a plane if I was so inlcined... For example, they allowed me to carry on both deoderant and a cigarette lighter on an international flight. I think the air onboard is recycled so it isnt nice to spray the areosol, and I'm not allowed to smoke on board, so why is that safe and OK? I even approached security apologetically "sorry I forgot I had these" and 'nah it's cool'.

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