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The Don is my Daddy

  • p0ssum

I cannot deny you that one. That's a pretty easy request!


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I'll do the same, since you've so respectfully stepped forward.

I still can't help but think this is all a dream. We actually won. The world is saved, the Trump was not stumped, and freedom and justice will return to West once and for all.


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I truly understand your fear now, when Obama was elected, Im resigned, but I'll be honest, I'm scared. I'm scared he's going to run his administration the way he ran his candidacy. I worried about foreign relations, he talked a lot of shit about a lot of people, I hope he can repair those bonds. I'm worried about a man that talked blithely about using nuclear weapons. He's got a lot to prove to me .... and you folks as well, I'm sure you'll be his harshest critics ... I'm not sure he's aware of that part of the deal yet ;-)

Carry on pede, be proud.