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I believe this is the specific case. Please correct me if necessary:


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Right-To-Marry is different from Right-To-Force-Churches-To-Marry. Obergefell v Hodges specifically found that a state-level ban on gay marriage violates the 14th Amendment, it says nothing at all about private churches. The picture in the OP seems to indicate that churches will now be forced to marry gay couples. The SCOTUS case in question only affects State-level legislation, which is to say, a State must either grant marriage benefits to both heterosexual couples as well as homosexual couples (Tax status, next-of-kin, etc.) or not at all. That's why Alabama recently got out of the marriage business entirely, because it was the only way to not marry gays, and still be in compliance with the law.

Under Obergefell v Hodges, churches are still free to turn away gay couples from getting married, just as churches in Deep South Mississippi may turn away an interracial couple from marriage. Their loss, I say...the Pagans are always happy to get more business for their handfastings.

Edit: Side note, the downvoats didn't come from my end, FWIW.


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the pagans? you mean state sanctioned "peace officers" who can perform "marriage" in the eyes of "the one true god, the government"?


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This only says that marriage licenses must be given by the state to same sex couples. Says nothing of private institutions, for example, churches.