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Millie is cute. You can tell she's a stoner by her eyes. She should ditch infojews and do her own thing.

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Watching her is like watching dumb and dumber as they compare abortion to the "joos in concentration camps in nazi Germany". Too bad she hasn't woken up to the fact that Infowars is controlled opposition, or maybe she knows.

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You think she's a stoner? That's kinda hot. I wish I could get her number.

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Commiefornians always have to invade better cities/states because they already ruined their home and now want a better place to live.

They then vote and act the same, the nice areas they moved to now become Cuckafornia 2.0 and then they'll move again. Rinse and repeat. Californians are parasites like some other (((people))) I know

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Liberalism is a mental illness.

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Fucking libtards are about as intelligent and mature as 10 year olds.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=kJTvqBrSvHA :

Intolerant Liberals Display Bizarre Cult Behavior - YouTube

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To be Pro life, should you also be anti 2nd amendment and anti death penalty?