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And here we have a microcosm of what's wrong with the world. Middle of the video the guy says, about the security guard trying to stop them, "That's against store policy, that's against the law."

Total faggot.

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that guy deserves to go to jail with the niggers for that idiotic thought

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White people need to start shooting on sight.

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The fag with the soy drink who filmed it and complained about the sheboons getting grabbed is more disgusting than the niggers.

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soyboy recording criticizes the security guy

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The blacks also additionally keep bellowing to security "Dont Touch Me!". they are entitled sheboons and the soy boy filming thinks blacks are a protected species too.

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Soyboy faggot didn't want his pretty sheboons he loves so much to get in trouble for a little dindu nuffins.

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bitches need an old fashioned slave whipping

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