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It was bound to happen,

Wait when muslims are majority and sharia is in force

Pity for the poor people being stoned, but they (the LGBT community) really did ask for it (welcoming their ennemies)

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not the Trannies muslim love trannies

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they do?

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Compassion for traitors is treason. They have none for you, or the millions who will suffer because of them.

Save your pity for those who never asked for any of this. And those who will have to bloody their hands trying to fix this mess.

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LGBQWERTY crowd and feminists - so the whole sharia thing has its upside after all ; do you think they’ll let us kaffirs throw a stone or two when the times come?

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And if it had been mass whitey exodus the cops would have been sent to arrest the parents.

Nobody fears us anymore. Be scary = Nobody fucks with your shit.

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That's basically how spics, niggers, and Muslims maintain their own areas. If you don't fit in, they will make your life fucking hell if you even survive. So of course whites and other outsiders pick up and leave. It's the easiest thing to do. Only white people and Asians don't keep others out with terrorism and shittiness. I'm not sure how Chinks keep others out. It seems like Chinatowns would get flooded with spics or niggers and the Chinks should be on the run too.

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chinks will also make your life hell, not sure why you think theyre an exception

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Chinks are subhuman as well

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England is cucks. Sorry about your country lol

Meanwhile, in America...

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We are living in Clown World.

Remember when white parents cared about their children's education?

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Too busy. They have to go to career everyday. If both parents don't have a career, and a mountain of debt they are marginalized. Need to buy corporate global products and lots of them. Junior, and mommy both need 50 shitty tshirts made in Bangladesh and shipped to Africa and everyone else in the world.

Besides. Junior's teacher was nice to mommy, and that means junior's teacher is an expert and very smart. No need to question anything.

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So now LGBT classes are a good thing? Hate on Muslims all you want, and they deserve it, but at least they dont want any of that gay shit.

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We're trapped between child fucking desert rats and child fucking faggots spawned from leftist child abuse.


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Hes saying its pathetic that white students didnt do the same thing.

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Syncretizing a 3rd Position White Sharia is the final pill.

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So when white people complain about this shit en-masse, nothing happens. But when goatfuckers do, suddenly it's a valid concern to be heeded?

Just more proof that the only reason leftists cave to muslims is fear.

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Wait, don't they just want to fuck up the white kids in the first place so that muds can outbreed them even easier.

Should suit them that the muds drop out as now they don't have to hold back with the degeneracy.

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Muslims are already degenerate child fuckers. They're afraid the kids will roll home and call daddy a faggot (which he is) for constantly ass-railing little Achmed.

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degenerate child fuckers??? what evidence do you have for your claim (If you're gonna call me a muslim. I am not. I am agnostic)

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It's that easy, folks.

If whites had standards they could push back just as effectively too.

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it doesn't matter if you're white or black the propaganda is being infested into everyone(Divide and conquer)

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So when Muslims complain it's ok but when Christians do it's intolerant? Clown world!

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Good, they asked for it.

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