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Awesome, is there a vid without the dipshit talking?

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Haha good point. Fuck anyone trying to sell me gold in an embedded ad on a youtube video.

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I looked but couldn't find one

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=07bjyxgxG94 maybe too late for most but here you go lots of great videos on that channel

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"Why'd you steal his sign?"

"This restricts our rights."

Yeah never mind the first fucking amendment you dumb whore. Because stopping someone from expressing their opinion isn't a restriction of rights or anything. Is everyone who is pro-choice also a fucking retard? Or do they know they're hypocrites and just don't care?

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Notice the officer's first move is to get her to admit to a crime and she falls for it. She was screwed anyway because of the video, but this is a clear lesson that the cop primarily wants admission of guilt when he asks you a question. Be very careful and thoughtful when dealing with an officer.

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playing dumb and saying the minimum is the best advice when dealing with cops, provided you are trying to get away with something.

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Actually, even if you're not trying to get away with something, if you're not actively helping the officer, he's fishing for a reason to arrest you.

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Is there something else I can do?

Like a 10th grader with an 89.3% asking for extra credit.

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He should have kept going with that and get her on soliciting sex.

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If I were to be honest, that's better than pitching a fit and fighting so I have to give her a half star on that alone. Too bad she didn't think to do the talking and asking before committing the crime so minus a half star.

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She will be on CNN later and become a superstar abortion advocate.

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Silly cunt will probably be admitted to Harvard for that stunt.

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She's already at UNC which is a better school if you want an education

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Dumbass bitch. Has the thinking process of a woodpile nigger. I iz entitled to dat sheeit'. I hope the criminal record gets her dumb fucking ass kicked out of 'school'. She was probably working on a nigger dick painting degree anyway.

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Getting charged with larceny greatly fucks up your employment opportunities. Red flags for any profession that requires background checks or an employer who simply googles her name. Hopefully one day she will grow and realizes everyone deserves freedom of speech but no one deserves the right to steal, assault, or abuse others.

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I am happy that she didn't resist. I hope she learns her lesson that she was wrong and why she was wrong. I also really hope she teaches others how to avoid this situation, either by sharing this video, or by becoming aware of her toxic feminism.

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Is she a returning student? She looks beat to shit already if she's supposed to be 20-21...Good god, lol

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nah just kind of ugly and low-res footage

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