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Dicks hates guns and loves niggers and trannies. Toll paid.

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wait a fucking second. is the person videoing saying "that's battery, that's against the law, not store policy," in regards to asset protection stopping blatant shoplifters from walking out of the store with merchandise?

what the fuck? isn't there a middle ground between cutting off a thief's hand and just letting people walk out of a store with armfuls of stolen shit? seems like this person is more concerned with protecting the violently ignorant than maintaining order.

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driving a fucking Audi no less

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They also parked in a handicapped spot.

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that goes without saying

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Straight up stealing a bunch of clothes from Dicks, while, assaulting each other, while parked in a parking spot. All this and they're driving an Audi. How the fuck do you think they got that? Must have been putting in all those extra hours at work.

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These are Dick's allies. They got woke over guns so they can go broke.