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Adam is on point with his Zionism facts.

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But he misses the mark with his other facts. He mentions that the people attacking him were all on Infowars. So what? Those people were also interviewed on other media too. Adam himself was interviewed on Infowars. The fact he is even mentioning Infowars in this context is to make it seem that Infowars had something to do with it.

You can't just say these two people were interviewed on this TV show so now the TV show is now involved in the situation. That's blatant stupidity. He never provides proof. It's always hearsay and this person interviewed on the show or this person sold products on the show... etc. None of that is proof of anything he claims. The guy is halfway retarded. I think he can dress himself but I'm not sure.

Anyhow ... that's my rant on Adam for the day.

But he totally looks like the guy on the video and both those guys says he look NOTHING like him. Nothing? Really? I see a resemblance. Not that it's him but they look a like from that still image.

Adam reminds me so much of liberals and how they think they can trick their audience by leaving out information and twisting simple facts to meet his own conclusions. I don't trust a word he says. He'd do good on CNN or MSNBC.

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Here is his vid calling Jones out as a mossad asset

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Because where theres political blackmail, sex trafficking, and ritual sacrifice, who would guess Israel and ze Jewz?

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Huge thanks to Henrik, Red Ice, and all my friends for helping me hold these hypocritical sociopaths accountable!