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Our collective american ancestors would have hung these niggers and jew commies if they were alive. Then they would kick our asses for being such cucks to let these nigger commies say this shit in public.

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When we lost the ability to smack women in the mouth, we surrendered our culture. All of this, every single bit of it, can be traced back to women voters.

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We wuz kings

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Who knew the guy that ran guns to the mexican cartels that resulted in border patrol agent deaths, would do such a thing.. It's almost like hes a bad guy.

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Alright Eric let's get in a cage and fight

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This guy was the worst part of the Obama admin. Prosecuting whistle blowers, selling arms to the Cartels, and who knows what other skeletons

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Fast n furious,huh Eric?

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It even has cuck norris.

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This niggers needs to be dangling from a treebranch.

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Eric Holder is a piece of SHIT!

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