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they fucked up that sandnigger

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They couldnt put a subsonic 22. on his head though. Would be a good warning for the rest of the sand monkeys.

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The poles know a thing or two about being invaded. They won't take no shit

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can confirm. am polish, russian and finnish. leave me the fuck alone

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they are not polish... the sand nigger is still alive

[–] SealofApproval 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Based Poles.

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Just step on his throat and be done with it. Well and scrape the goat fucker residue off your shoe.

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goddamn rayciss cracka ass crakas. hatin on him cuz he be brown. yall jus hate cuz he be differernt. this is y i be kneeling on during da nashunal anfem

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Just about sums up my country. Polish men doing what the English should be fucking doing to defend the U.K.

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