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[–] cutelobster 7 points -3 points (+4|-7) ago 

The woman who did this video is an obvious shill. The fact that her channel got banned doesn't mean she isn't. David Seaman is likewise a shill and he got banned, This video, like the one she did about the girl who met and spoke to Cruz during the shooting, is trying to push a line that the students are "socially immature". She used the phrase in both videos. In other words, she wants us to believe there is nothing suspicious about the shooting - that these are not crisis actors (of course they are) - that these are merely kids speaking in an odd way because, you know, they're silly little teens. Transparent rubbish. I don't know why youtube is banning shill accounts, but I doubt it's for a good reason and I don't think we should take away the message that anyone who gets banned is legit.


[–] HAESisalie ago 

What do you think she is wrong about? You don't think high school students are "socially immature"? Seriously. She seemed spot on about everything to me. She had no context and the interview was chopped and edited to the point of worthlessness. Some of you are just upset it doesn't support your theories, like she some how sold you out.


[–] cutelobster 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Ha ha very good. I thought it was supposed to be suspicious that the students were all far too articulate, self-possessed and so on? But now we're supposed to believe that they're not able to express themselves properly because of maturity levels? Which fake narrative is it? Neither Hogg nor the young woman who says she met Cruz during the event are behaving in a manner consistent with a real tragedy. They are both horrible actors. When people witness a real tragedy you know all about it. Everything about the Stoneman event says hoax: same-day drill; lack of CCTV; fake-looking 'raw' footage; unconvincing medics and law-enforcement; presence of crisis actors. The fact that another psyop - the Youtube ban - is piggybacking on the shooting psyop doesn't change any of that.