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I agree it's fine to be creeped out by some older dude waiting for someone to be 18. Personally, I think you should have to pass a test similar to the GED and be 18 (or whatever your state law requires) before you can legally give consent. But the law is the law, and technically speaking, the creeper is well within the law.

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just so you know, you're being downvoted for the second sentence, not the first one.


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TIL to some, our biological propensities are "creepy". Face the facts, it's how we are built. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar, naive, or both.


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That's fine, I didn't expect the second sentence to be popular. To be fair, I think a more challenging version the GED should be a minimum requirement for a great many rites of passage in our society; voting, driving, entering the workforce, fucking, and getting married. Why? Because most of us, at very least, can agree that a society has a duty to protect two groups of people; children and the retarded. Why? Because they are not capable of informed consent.